Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, June 26, 2017

Goodbye President and Sister Zanni

On Saturday we had a special zone conference because President and Sister Zanni are finishing their mission. It was a goodbye conference. We played lots of games. One was "Do you like your neighbor?". My companion and another elder went for the same chair and broke it! It was classic. We also had a questionaire and they shared funny stories and their testimonies. When they left was the worst. They have helped me so much in my mission. Almost everyone cried. This Saturday the new mission president will arrive. His name is President Allred. 

Despite the sadness on Saturday, the rest of the week went really well! We taught Gustavo and Melanie, The Zanzo family, the Pedrozo family, and Eric. Gustavo and Melanie got their car fixed and made it to church with all of their family. They´re doing fantastic. The only thing left for them is to get married. The Zanzo´s are pumped still about their upcoming wedding on the 11th of August and their baptism the day after!!! The Pedrozo´s are fighting it in their new little house and are looking for work. And Eric is doing great as well. He just got a new bike and zips around to every meeting and activity alone now. He is super studious. The kid reads For the Strength of Youth, True to the Faith, Our Heritage, and the Book of Mormon. He studies like a missionary, and is sharing the Gospel with his family as well. Yesterday was his first time being Bishop´s messenger. 

Elder Deem and I are learning together. We´re practicing his Spanish a lot and he´s learning tons! He can already understand a lot and is participating more in lessons. He´s getting used to the Argentine vibe as well. I´ll let you know how they all are doing next week and hopefully about Gustavo and Melanie´s wedding date!

Elder Gomez 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fresh From Ogden, Church Open Doors Activity

I´ve got a brand new companion that is fresh from Utah! His name is Elder Deem. He is a great kid. I went to Rosario with a couple other elders to train. One was Elder Romney, who got the mission field the same day as me and we lived together for a couple weeks. Another trainer there was Elder Gutierrez, my second companion and my first son! We took a monster selfie. President Zanni talked to us before we met our new companions like always. It was really spiritual. We are the last group to train before he goes home, so he started crying and said he loved us. It was a hard moment. But we all got excited again when the new missionaries walked in. When we finally made it to our area we got him unpacked. He got lucky because this weekend we had a huge "Open Doors" activity at the church. The members prepare a tour of the church and they teach people that want to see what we do and what we believe. Two elders dress up in white and teach about baptism and two more go outside and stop everyone and tell them to go to the tour. Nobody was going for a while so I went with a zone leader to look for people. We crossed the street to the park and we saw a group of teenagers playing rugby. We invited them and they said that if we beat them in a soccer match that they would go to the tour. It don´t know how we managed it, but we miraculously beat them 4-0. They all went and one of them was very interested. Elder Deem and the other zone leader had a neat experience as well. They stopped a woman and started to talk with her, and she said that she usually walked a different way home and for some reason she passed by the church, and that she was looking to change her life. Her name is Viviana. She loved the tour and the sisters made her feel at home in the church. She is GOLDEN! We are pumped pumped pumped for this week. Our faith skyrocketed this weekend. It´s going to be a great transfer! Have a great week!
-Elder Gomez

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Transfers, Youth Temple Trip, Zanzo Family

My last transfer info came on Saturday. I´m staying here in Villa ConstituciĆ³n, and I´m going to train a new missionary!!! I am psyched. I felt that it is what the Lord wanted. Tomorrow I´m going to find out who he is and next week I´ll send the pics. Elder Pertuso said goodbye to all of the members on Sunday. I attached the pictures so you can see the members. 

This week was crucial for Eric. We were organizing for him to go on the youth temple trip and things were looking sketchy the day before. He lives in a neighborhood that doesn´t have addresses and is very dangerous at night, and the bus always leaves for the temple at 5 or 6 in the morning. His mom was about to not let him go and the bishop called last minute and invited Eric to stay the night with his sons and go with them to the temple. What a great man! Eric couldn´t do baptisms because he still didn´t have the priesthood, but he loved the gardens and on Sunday he was ordained a deacon and passed me the sacrament. What a blessing! The bishop invited all of the youth to bear testimony and Eric spoke for the first time over the pulpit. He is a champion! 

We got great news yesterday about the Zanzo family. If you do not remember, They are a family of 6 that have been attending church for more than 3 months and three of their kids have been baptized. Victor and Ofelia, the parents, haven´t been able to be baptized because of legal issues that didn´t allow them to get married. Yesterday we received a letter from the civil register that their problem was solved and now they´ll be able to be married! When we told Ofelia she was so excited she screamed. It looks like we´re going to have a wedding. Where´s Camilla when you need her?! Haha. I´ll let you know how things turn out. Last week I learned a lot from the scriptures, especially 2 Nefi 9. Read it! It is amazing. Have a great week!
-Elder Gomez

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gustavo, Eric´s Temple Recommend, Narnia/Terabythia

This week we taught and taught and taught! What a blessing! I´m going to start  with the funny part. We were in a poor area where all of the homes are one or two tiny rooms and are all sheet metal and bricks. There arent real streets there. It´s all little homemade sidewalks and paths. But all of the good investigators are there! I would take a picture for you but the camera wouldn´t make it out, so I´ll just describe it haha. We were looking for new investigators and we found a little pathway and we had to explore. We followed turns and stairs and we found a huge part that we had never seen! We call it Narnia because we´ve only found one way in so far and it is really complicated. We taught a new family there! Later we were walking to an investigator´s home and we were about to take the long way around, but we saw a little path that led through some greenery. We jumped the poop ditch and took the trail. It turned out to be a super short cut! We saved a lot of time. When we were getting to the end of the trail there was an animal pen on the side of the way and in the middle of the path there was a giant pig staring at us. We froze so it wouldn´t see us like the t-rex in Jurassic Park, and we slowly inched around it. It was terrifying. I loved it! We called the place Terabythia because we jumped a river and because of the pig guardian. 

Alright I´ll get serious now. The big developments of the week are Eric and the Urunde family. Eric had his temple recommend interview and passed, so he´s going to go on the youth stake temple trip this saturday! He is excited and we are as well. He was going to receive the priesthood yesterday but he had strep, so he didn´t make it to church. But Gustavo and Melanie Urunde made it with there 5 little kids! There car is in the shop, so Melanie and the niƱos took a taxi and Gustavo came on his 30 or 40 blocks on his bike. Melanie is reactivating, and Gustavo is an investigator. They both loved the meetings and they committed to set a wedding date this week so Gustavo can be baptized! We had taught them with a priest from the ward named Alan. Gustavo loves our visits but didn´t want to go to church because he´s a little shy. Alan testified of the blessings that his parents have because they are sealed and go to church. Gustavo changed his heart (repented), and went to church. Now he is determined to be sealed with his family. 

Another cool event happened last night. I used to teach a young woman named Noel in Arroyo Seco, a past area. Her dad is a member of the bishopric there. She was about to be baptized and she moved last minute to the area where I am now to live with her mom. Well now I´m here, and we saw her in the street the other day. Last night we saw her with her dad and all of her family, and she said that she had gone to church in Arroyo Seco and that she wants to take the lessons again and be baptized! What a miracle! Elder Pertuso and I are pumped. Have a great week, I love all of you!
-Elder Gomez