Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, May 29, 2017

Eric´s Baptism, Villa´s Most Wanted, Locro Party

On Saturday Eric got baptized! I´m so happy that the Lord found him and helped him make it to the pathway to Eternal Life. He was prepared for us when we met him, and excercised his faith from the first lesson forward. The ward has accepted him well and the young mens´ president especially has made a great effort to fellowship him. I´m so happy for him and for his family that is returning to activity in the Church. The baptism was on Saturday at 6 and he arrived at 4:50 ready to go! He was a little nervous, so we practiced and helped him relax. One of the young men gave a great talk about baptism in the service. It all turned out perfectly. Yesterday Eric was confirmed by the Brother Altamirano, the young mens´ president. Sunday was looking like the best day of my mission! 

Yesterday we set out to work and after a couple good lessons our plans tanked and for the last hour of the day we were knocking on doors. At about 8:45 we knocked on a door and the lady that answered was not super happy to see us and said that we can´t preach at 11 at night because we scare people. We made it about 3 blocks and a police car stopped us and 3 policemen jumped out and made us approach the vehicle. They said that a neighbor saw two shady characters and thought we were trying to rob someone, haha! Luckily the policemen were good guys and they let us off with a warning :)

Another highlight was the Locro activity and the Family Home Evening in the ward. There were lots of members and investigators. It was great! We played scripture jeopardy with the men on one team and the women on the other. Things got heated! The members that are usualy calm and composed were jumping and screaming. The men won!!! It was a really great week. We also had a zone conference and I got to see Elder Beutler and Elder Hanson from Arroyo Seco! I missed those guys. The conference was amazing. This week was just packed with meetings and activities. Have a great week! Congrats to Naomi for graduating!
-Elder Gomez

Monday, May 22, 2017

Eric, rain and miracles!

Eric is on fire! The other day we visited to see if he had read a bit of the Book of Mormon and he told us the 8 witnesses memorized. He made it to church with his Mom (less active), his sister Maribel, and this week his older brother and his sister-in-law came with their family as well! Their names are Juan Carlos and Florencia. Juan Carlos is a less active member and Florencia went to church for the first time. She loved it! We´ll be seeing her baptism soon, as soon as they get married. Eric is getting along well with the young men. Everyone is excited for his baptism on Saturday. 

There were a lot of miracles this week. We set high goals to find and to invite investigators to church and we were blessed to meet many new families and teach them the Gospel! One of the new families we met while I was in divisions with Elder Ramos. We contacted a lady and she said: Are you Elders? I´m Mormon! She invited us into her home and we taught her, her husband and her 5 kids. Their names are Melanie and Gustavo. Gustavo isn´t a member, but he was interested and committed to pray to know if he needed to be baptized. When we followed up he had prayed and received an answer! Only Melanie was able to attend this week because their car is broken down, but they´ll be progressing more soon. What a miracle! 

We found another family yesterday. It´s a grandma, her son and her grandaughter. Their names are Teresa, Alberto and Sasha. Teresa used to receive the lessons from elders and got married to be able to be baptized but never made it to the water. We taught them about the Doctrine of Christ and they all accepted to pray and read the Book of Mormon. Sasha, the grandaughter, is 16 and is pregnant. She saw the Gospel as a way to change her life and turn her situation around. We´re hoping that they´ll progress as well. 

I love weeks like this. I love being a missionary! I love the Gospel. Seeing families progress and increase their faith brings me true joy. I am happy. Have a great week!

-Elder Gomez

Photo: While I was on divisions I tried on another missionary´s Batman pajamas, haha!

Monday, May 15, 2017

God is a God of miracles!!

This last week we have been praying to find someone to baptize before the end of May. Saturday arrived and we had a few prospects, but they canceled us and a great new family that we were going to walk to church said that their mother was sick with fever and they couldn´t make it. We remembered that the Spirit had confirmed to us that if we put our part, we were going to baptize 2 people in May. Sunday morning we were walking out the door and we didn´t know who we were going to go look for when the phone rang. It was Eric, one of the kids from the family that couldn´t go and he said that his Mom felt fine when she woke up and that he, his sister and his mom were going to go to church. They loved it, especially Eric. The other 5 deacons took him in well. Now he´s excited to go to mutual on Tuesday. God is a God of miracles! Even when it seems impossible, He keeps his promises! I´ll keep you posted about Eric´s progress. 

Other events this week were:
The ward had a baptism of a little 8 year-old boy and it was great because I still don´t know the majority of the members and I got to meet a couple of them. Also, my teeth were bugging me a bit so I had to go to the dentist this week.... *Dramatic Music* He fixed the problem and now I`m on ibuprofen. Luckily he was a really good dentist and the office was somewhat modern, haha. Don´t freak out Mom it went well. Despite the health issues my companion and I are pumped and we`re determined to baptize and baptize some more. But first we need to contact and contact some more, haha. We´re talking to everyone we see trying to find the elect. I know that this is God´s work. I see miracles EVERY day and I give my witness. Have a great week!
-Elder Gomez

Friday, May 12, 2017

Repeat ...enough said

This week was pretty much a mirror image of last week. The night after writing home (Wednesday) Elder Pertuso started to feel stomach pain... Here we go all over again, haha. We called Sister Zanni and she sent us to the hospital to do some tests. We had to wait two days to see the doctor again and Sister Zanni had us stay in the mission home while we waited. When we got back to the hospital they hospitalized us. President Zanni has been making fun of me all week saying that I am the grim reaper and calling me Doctor Gomez. In mission leader council he joked around with all of the leaders so now it´s everywhere. Last week I was with Elder Larsen 2 or 3 days there and this week with Elder Pertuso. According to the church system I think I´m technically less active now, haha! They actually just let us out of the hospital and we´ll be able to work for a couple of days until we have to come back for a check up. Sister Zanni says that the Lord is telling me that I have to study medicine. The good news are that my companion is almost ship shape. He still feels a little bit of pain, but nothing like what he felt before. I´ve never been so excited to hit the streets and preach my heart out. After only having nurses to contact, tracting is going to be like walking through a gold mine! Elder Pertuso is really excited too. He is still new and has been missing his family a lot, and I think that this ordeal has had a good effect on him. He is laser focused now and is about ready to explode with excitement to share the Gospel. He was also a little nervous to have to show me the area and take charge in planning and teaching, but we have had a ton of time to get to know one another and now he feels comfortable. By far the best way to get to know someone is to be trapped in the same room alone without anything to do for a few days! Enjoy the journey. Well, I´ll let you know how the next week goes. Hopefully you wont see any more hospital pictures!
-Elder Gomez

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Take it with joy!

Happy happy birthday Dad! I hope you get to eat a tasty Mom dinner! And happy anniversary parents! I love you guys and I´m so grateful for everything that you do and are.

So this week was straight up crazy stuff. On Thursday night Elder Larsen had a lot of stomach pain and we called Sister Zanni. She sent us on a 3 hour busride to Rosario to the hospital and it turned out that he had appendicitis! He had to have surgery and we were in the hospital until Sunday morning. It just happened that the same weekend was transfer weekend so we were on the phone 3 hours away from our zone trying to coordinate the buying of bus tickets and schedules for the missionaries. It was fun and a little stressful. It turned out that I got transferred too, so I got sent alone back to my area and was in a trio for a few days until yesterday. I got on ANOTHER bus and now I´m on the other side of the mission with my new companion Elder Pertuso! He´s from Uruguay and he´s a great guy. He only has 3 months in the mission, and I have 3 months left so there´s a bit of a difference, haha! He´s going to help me stay focused until the end. Saying goodbye to the members in Venado Tuerto was really hard. I was comfortable there and had a good rhythm going with Elder Larsen. But the Lord said that I had to go, so that means that I´ve got to take it with joy. My new area is named Villa ConstituciĆ³n. It´s a town with 40,000 people, and I have a half of the city as my area. I´m loving it so far. It is a great place. Yesterday I got to teach some lessons and contact a whole bunch. My companion is awesome! He is pretty much brand new but he already teaches well and contacts well. I´m excited to get working! It´s a little confusing to get to a new area and want to run and baptize everyone when you don´t know where you are, where the investigators are or where the members are, haha. Patience :) Here are some pics from my "farewell" from Venado Tuerto. One of the members threw a kilo of flour all over me. He said it was a sign of love, but I´m not sure :) Haha! Just so you know I have these awful glasses on because I got pink eye and haven´t been able to use my contacts for a while. I love you guys, have a great week! Soon I´ll be able to tell you a little about Villa!

-Elder Gomez