Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, March 27, 2017

Matias Got Confirmed, Florencia Got a Date, Nico Got His Dad

Holy cow what a great week!! These are the highlights: 

Matias has been progressing a ton while preparing to be confirmed and yesterday he received the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome moment.

Florencia: Florencia is Matias and Leo´s sister. She has been attending every activity and seminary class that she can and is super excited! We finally were able to formally teach her this week and she accepted a baptismal date for April 8th! She went to church yesterday and said that she loved it. We left her the assignment to read 3 Nephi 11 and she explained the whole chapter afterward. She invited a friend to listen to us as well. She´s already a missionary! The young women are doing a great job of being her friends and inviting her to activities.

Nico and Marcelo: We passed by Nico´s house to visit the other day and his father came out of the house with a huge smile. He invited us to pass by and asked if we could teach him. OF COURSE, haha. He said that he is amazed by Nico´s change ever since he got baptized, and that he wants the same change. He started to read the Book of Mormon and we set a baptismal date for the 22nd of April. We´re going to see if he makes it because he still needs to get married and we don´t know how long the paperwork will take. 

Javier: Javier is an investigator that I started teaching while I was on the other side of Branch 3. The other elders are doing a fantastic job teaching him. Yesterday he attended church with his two little brothers. After the meeting he came over to me and said: I was talking with the other elders and while I was in Sacrament Meeting I felt like I should move my baptism up to April 8th. I had one of those moments from the movies when someone gets big news and sprays out whatever they were drinking. I am PUMPED! His little brothers want to get baptized too :)

So we have been very blessed this week and I know that it is only because the Lord had had mercy on us. It is He who works these miracles. I am so grateful for Him. If it weren´t for Him we couldn´t do anything in this Work. We couldn´t do a thing. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I am beginning to know Him. As Easter comes closer, think of Him. Get to know Him by following His teachings. And have a great week :) I love you!

-Elder Gomez

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Zone Leader and dealing with Zanjas

I´ll start with what´s happened the most recently. We had transfers this week! I only spent one transfer in my area but they already shipped me out. The good news is that they just sent me to the other side of the branch to be Zone Leader with Elder Larsen. It was a quick move (to another desk) because we lived with the ZL´s anyways. I am super excited for these last 3 transfers! Seriously I am pumped. Right now there 6 missionaries that got to Argentina the same day as me in the same city. I am also excited because one of the missionaries that got transferred to my zone is Elder Wagner, who was my companion here more than a year ago! It was great to see him. 

This week was full. On Tuesday we had a service project to clean out a stretch of the Zanja in front of a less active family´s house. The Zanja is the open sewer sytem here in Argentina. Basically, we were cleaning out poopy mud. It was pretty gross but we did our best to enjoy ourselves. The problem was that the water didn´t pass by. We started with shovels and hands scooping out old bottles, wire, and chunks of cement. The problem ended up being a folding chair about a foot down in the muck!

So Juan is a less active member that had been attending for 2 or 3 weeks and was progressing until we couldn´t find him in his home for a few weeks. We were nervous because after he was baptized years ago he started to go to a different church and they told him a bunch of lies about us. We finally found him right when he was heading out to the same church that he attended before. We asked if he was going to keep going to our church and he started to say that we were walking demons that worship the devil and worship idols and have 7 wives and believe in another Jesus. You know, the normal stuff. He was really convinced that we were devils and commanded us to leave his porch. I told him that I remembered when the Lord answered his prayer in front of the missionaries that the Church was true, and after we half testified half defended the Church he looked around and said that he didn´t want the neighbors to hear and so he let us in. We continued testifying and asking questions and we found out that he had been watching anti-mormon videos on youtube. My companion shared a scripture that says that if something comes from God it brings peace and joy, and if it is of the devil it brings confusion. We asked how he felt at church and how he felt while he watched that trash on youtube. He told us that he felt much more peaceful in the church. We invited him to pray for guidance and testified that only God could reveal him the truth. He asked for forgiveness and attended District Conference the next day and loved it :)

The conference was awesome for two reasons. It was very spiritual and I got to see all of my old friends from the 1st and 2nd branch. I love to see old investigators and members. President Zanni spoke to the members about tithing. It was really powerful. He used the example of the power bill. He said that if it comes down to either pay the bill or tithing, pay tithing! They can cut the power all they want, but 30 years from now our children will thank us for being faithful. I know that it is the truth because I have seen those blessings in my own life. 

I had a great week and progressed a lot spiritualy. Have a great week!
-Elder Gomez

Monday, March 13, 2017

Jeremías, Bianca, ASADO

So church was great this week! We have an investigator named Monica, and we had invited her to go to church this week but she couldn´t. The good news is that she let her 7 year-old son Jeremías go. He is the funniest kid on the planet. In sacrament meeting I felt like the moms that fight between paying attention, helping their kids, and trying to keep the kids quiet. I would have killed to have Mom´s church bag with snacks and coloring books. Next week I´ll be more prepared. But even though he´s a handfull he is interested in the Gospel and wants to be baptized as soon as he turns 8. Speaking of baptism, I just saw a baptismal picture in the mission newsletter of Yamila and her son in Arroyo Seco. I´m PUMPED!!! I´m so happy for them. 

We have been teaching Bianca and Luca still. Yesterday they slept in and didn´t go to church, and us pounding on the door didn´t seem to wake them up... We taught them after church and Bianca expressed her doubts about the word of wisdom. She showed us a meme from facebook of a bible scripture taken out of context to prove that alcohol is okay. We read the whole chapter with her and it turned out that Isaiah was condemning people that say that it is okay, haha. Sometimes I´m amazed by what people do to make evil things look good. By the end of the lesson she accepted to live the Law and gave us her box of tea. 

One of the Zone Leaders that lives with me is going home in a week so we made him a super asado and had a blast. He is a tiny little guy. He has like three suits, so I´m going to buy one off of him because mine is more like a circus tent on me now. It felt nice to try on clothes that fit! So this has been the last week in Centro 3B. I learned a lot about being brave in contacts and inviting people to be baptized before even knowing their name, and inviting people to repent. Be good. Read the scriptures!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bianca! Javier! Miracles!

So last week we found out that my church building has a ping pong table. Let´s just say I know what I´m going to be doing every p-day. Boo yeah.

This week has been FULL of changed hearts and miracles! We were in the street the other day and we passed a family that was working in the yard to cut the lawn, weed, etc. We asked if we could help and they declined, but the father said to pass by in a week. We passed by and he was blown a way just by the fact that we passed by to help them and they invited us in and we taught his wife and him the Gospel. What a blessing! Another great story of the week happened early in the week. All day I was feeling like we had to visit a new investigator named Javier, so we went and just his grandma was there. Missionaries aren´t picky- we´ll teach what we can get. We decided to teach the grandma and she committed to pray to know if she should be baptized. Towards the end of the lesson Javier got home and once the grandma got up to do something else we taught him. The guy is sad because he is separated and he goes to see his baby son every day in his ex´s house. There was a super peaceful feeling during the whole lesson. He said that for the first time in many months he felt at peace. We set a baptismal date for March 25th. 

The biggest miracle of the week was Bianca. We have been teaching her and Luca for 2 weeks or so now and she is progressing super fast! The last time we taught her we taught the Word of Wisdom and she had every doubt in the world. She said she wasn´t willing to stop doing various things that are not in accordance with the commandments. We have been praying for her to have a change of heart because she is only 14 and is already a mother and her life could go south real quick if she gets mixed up in addictions. Well on Sunday we went to wake them up for church and she was already dressed up 35 minutes before the meeting. It was fast and testimony meeting. She looked unusually happy and out of nowhere she asked me if she could go up and share her testimony. I wasn´t sure what testimony she would share because she had been so against a lot of commandments. To my suprise, she began to speak and said that at church as she saw the members and felt the Spirit she had a change of heart and began to believe. After church we taught Tithing and she said that she was ready to accept everything, including the Book of Mormon as the Word of God, and that in the morning wanted to set a wedding date! What a miracle!!! So here we are. Go to church! Have a great week!
-Elder Gomez