Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, February 27, 2017

Moving, Bugs, Water Jugs

So this week has been a race against time. We moved first to the apartment of the other elders, and then the four of us moved to an entirely new place. Now we´re waiting to move to our own apartment this coming week. We´re a little tired from the moving, but there are also really cool mini miracles that have been happening. The majority of our time has been moving, doing legal documents with the real estate agency, fixing doors, and trying to put two houses worth of stuff in one apartment. It´s the closest thing I´ve had to scout camp here in the mission :) 

The miracles that have happened have been out of nowhere! In February the mission baptized 62 people. It has been a long time since we baptized that many, so we are all pumped. The goal for March is 80. There are a lot of people that randomly pop up and want to be baptized, and I´m quite fine with that. The closest is a 9 year-old named Morena that is the daughter of two less active members. She goes to church every week with her grandma and aparently has wanted to be baptized for months and neither the parents or the missionaries have got around to it! Depending on her dad´s work schedule she´ll either be baptized this Saturday or the next!!!! We are also teaching Luca and Bianca, the very young parents that I mentioned last week. They are doing great. This Thursday they are going to go to set a wedding date so they can be baptized!!! We also found a new investigator that is named Sicilio. While we were walking I got an urge to find a new investigator and turned off course to talk to a couple of older ladies that were sitting in front of their house. I was about to talk to them when my companion told me that he already contacted them and they weren´t interested. We decided to talk to the man next door. It was a miracle contact! He said that he not only has the Book of Mormon, but that he reads it often and he agreed to pray to know if he should be baptized in our church. All of this happened in the sidewalk in front of his house. When we went back to see what his answer was he was waiting for us with his Book of Mormon. He said that he had prayed and had a dream of 3 pathways and he didn´t know which one to take. We set a return appointment and left him Lehi´s dream to read. We are going to take a member and visit him today. Belen is doing great since her baptism. She is currently studying 3 church manuals and is on fire. In Dad´s words, I´m feeling "happy as a lard". I love you all, have a great week!

-Elder Gomez

I am doing really good Mom! Feeling just fantastic, and very very hot and sweaty. The other day it was 105.8 and 60% humidity. This week I learned how to use my nametag like a windshield wiper on my forehead.
And yeah it´s been pretty wet but not a lot of flooding. There was just one really rainy day. It rains about twice a week now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pig head, Wet Miracle, BELEN´s BAPTISM

I´ll start from the least cool to the best, but this whole week was crazy. It all started with the pig head we ate at lunch the other day. We got to the home of Sister Yufra and she was making empanadas. I got really excited, but then she said that the empanadas were to sell and she left the room and came back with a massive half of a pig´s head and set it down in the middle of the table. It still had some hairs... She gave us all a fork and said to dig in. We thought that flipping it over would somehow make it more apetizing but we were wrong because there were teeth and everything. It tasted alright though, and she ended up giving us some empanadas as well :)

 The other day we took a young man named Nacho to a lesson and when we got to the house it started to pour outside. We taught the son and daughter-in-law of a recent convert. They are super young. Luka is 16 and Bianca is only 14. They have a 3 month old baby. Bianca was taking the lessons from elders from a different area about a year ago and almost got baptized. We invited them to get baptized and they accepted! We were in the climax of the lesson and I invited them to get baptized, and out of nowhere came a huge wind that blew the door open. Bianca prayed to know if they should be baptized and they accepted a date! When we opened the door to leave to the next appointment it was raining buckets. It was like all of the angels in heaven were having a giant water slide or something. The streets were straight rivers. Poor Nacho got soaked. He took off his shoes and stowed them in a grocery bag because the water in the streets was up to our ankles. 

Saturday and Sunday were by far the best days. Belén got baptized!!!!! She was so excited and so ready! It was a very happy occasion. A ton of members went to show support. When she came out of the dressing room she was glowing. I confirmed her yesterday. Her mother was so happy she was crying all day. All of the members are excited for her. When you feel the Spirit that there is in a baptism it is just crazy. Those are the moments when we feel pure joy. I cannot deny that this is the true Church of God. I have zero doubts. Jesus lives. He is the Christ. He is all that He said He is. I am getting to know Him and it makes me so happy. I love what I do. Have a great week!
-Elder Gomez

Monday, February 13, 2017

Belen, moving, no water

I´ll start with the funny story of the week. A couple days ago when we were leaving the house my companion tried to turn on the water and nothing came out. We figured it would come back on by night time but it didn´t, and so both us and the missionaries in the apartment above were dry. We started looking around the pump and the pipes for about half an hour and we couldn´t find out what the problem was. We even boosted an elder up on the roof to look at the water tank without luck. I was about to accept the fact that we would all stink it up for the rest of the mission when my companion flipped a random switch and the pump started up. I was extra grateful for my shower this morning :)

We were in divisions a lot this week with the other elders in the district who are also the zone leaders. On Saturday Elder Stagg went on divisions with Elder Farias to do Belèn´s baptismal interview. She passed!!! She is going to be baptized this Saturday. She was way excited. Sunday was her mom´s birthday, and she had kept her baptism a secret from her so she could be surprised when they announced it in sacrament meeting. Her mom is member, so she was delighted and was a little mad with us for keeping the secret :) We took her ice cream for her birthday though, so we´re all good :) We taught a less active member named Juan Montoya. He was confused because right after he got baptized years ago he started going to a protestant church and they told him a lot of lies about the Church and Joseph Smith. We helped him clear things up and we prayed with him so he could know which church was true. He said he felt peace and a surety that the Church is true. The Spirit was strong. We also taught a family that comes and goes to church, and they felt the Spirit and want to change. 

We helped a less active family move on Saturday. The new house was way far away in the middle of a soybean field. It was so peaceful there. It was way nice to have some breathing room and not be in the city. Moving people is always fun. It´s like a big game of tetris to get all of the furniture and things in the trailer. We found some cool old Argentine rifles and an old tractor. 

It has been great to spend time with the Allasia family again after so much time! They are the family that let me Skype in their home more than a year ago, and now they are in my branch again so I eat with them every week again :) What a miracle! Speaking of miracles, Elder Larsen had a revelation that before August our little branch is going to baptize 30 people. With this Saturday we´ll be at 4 so far, so we are on our way! We also have a few more set for the end of February. Please pray so that we can find those people! I know the Church is true. Read the Book of Mormon, pray every day, and go to church every week. Please. I love you guys!
-Elder Gomez

Needing new shoes sounds like

Elder Dallin Stagg is from Lehi. He is a cool guy. He´s 6`4``, so the people treat him like a giant here. He played the drums really well before the mission. He did a year at BYU and studied music theory. Very smart. He got a 35 in the math section on the ACT. He also loves food. When we talk about food he describes flavors really extravagantly and gets excited. We get along really well. I love it when that happens! It sure makes everything run smoother. The area is amazing the retention rate is about 80% instead of the average of 20% in this area of the world. I used to be in the first branch in Venado Tuerto, remember? I was with Elder Wagner. That was when I had my first Christmas, the Tecce family got baptized, etc. Now I´m in the third ward. We border my other area, so I´ve already seen some members. The Allasia family is from the 1st branch but they came to the 3rd a year ago to be the branch president. I eat with them every week just like before. It is weird and awesome. The best part is that for the first time ever I know the branch president/bishop already and have his trust. That is helping TONS in the work. I think we are going to baptize a lot here. There is a lot of dirt and gravel though. My Argentine shoes are already pretty much toast. They lasted 5 or 6 months. I have little holes in the bottom and my toes are covered in dirt when I get home every day. I will probably be looking for some new ones soon. Also, I still have the same socks from the beginning of the mission. Yikes! I should buy new ones. So I`ll be taking out some cash in the next little while. I love you Mom. I am at the happiest point in my whole mission! -Elder Gomez

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Alright this week has had some serious craziness! Back in Arroyo Seco there were some big progress and there are 3 families that are going to be baptized in this month hopefully :) On Sunday we found out about transfers and it turned out that I got transfered back to Venado Tuerto! I am in the area right next to where I served for 5 months a little more than a year ago. In fact, my new Branch President is a member from the area where I was. It has been so exciting to see some familiar faces again. I am here with my new companion Elder Stagg. He has about 6 months in the field. He is from Lehi. And I found out last night that he is a professional drummer which is pretty sweet. We live beneath the zone leaders in a 2 story apartment. One is named Elder Larsen and is from my group, so we are going to have lots of fun. I was pumped to find out that there are 2 investigators about to be baptized here. Yesterday I met one of them. Her name is Belén and she is 21. She reminds me a ton of Siera :) She is a book maniac and is currently reading a lot of Harry Potter. She is also studying to be an English professor and has a wicked Brittish accent because here they teach English from Great Brittain. I have a feeling that if Siera was from Argentina she would study English and have a cool accent as well. Anyways, Belén is great. Her mother Rosario was baptized 2 months ago and they have seen huge changes in their lives due to the Gospel. They are happier and they are getting along a lot better. Belén will be baptized on the 18th of February, but she´s keeping it a secret from her mom until this Sunday when they announce it at church because Sunday is Rosario´s birthday and she wants it to be a surprise. I am feeling outstanding lately! The Gospel makes me very, very happy. Christ changed everything for me. I love you guys, have a great week!

-Elder Gomez