Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Day SKYPE

Kind members bearing gifts for my boy!

Second Christmas in Argentina! It was great. We had a really good time. On Christmas morning we opened up presents and got ready for church. Just about 10 minutes before heading out to the church it started dumping rain super hard. We ran to crazies and made it to the building just soaked. When we stepped little bubbles would come out of the sides of our shoes, haha. There were only 25 members that went. When we had sacrament meeting the Spirit was super strong. I could feel the faith of all of the members that had gotten soaked but made it to take the sacrament.

We got a huge suprise after the ward dinner. We got to our house and a member had bought us a huge box of food and soda for Christmas dinner, and that night another family brought us pulled pork and we had a mighty feast :) I was blown away by the kindness of the members!!! We also had a service with the whole zone and President Zanni. We made cookies and took them to an old folks home and sang carols for them. There was a great Christmas spirit.

Our district did a gift exchange and I got some great presents! Elder Beutler gave me a yo-yo and a new watch, Elder Hanson gave me a personalized *mate. (*That is a Spanish word pronounced like mahtay, not mate in English, haha :) ) It is a kind of cup that they drink water out of. Anyways, he drew the Slytherin crest on the side, a little Utah map with Lakepoint pointed out and my name. It was sweet! Elder Buckholz played a joke and gave me an airplane neck pillow. I still have seven months left, but they still tease me and say I´m dying. ç
We were very blessed to find a few new families to teach these past couple weeks! I´m stoked. There are a bunch of new investigators and a few of them are very interested. We`ve got them reading and praying. Recently two of our investigators with baptismal dates moved, so we´re trying to track them down and keep teaching. I´ll let you all know how it goes.
I really enjoyed talking to the family on Sunday. Levi is huge and sounds like a man now! That was weird. I love you all a ton and hope you had a very merry Christmas. Ciao!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Calvinball and new progress

This week was great for Arroyo Seco A. On divisions another elder showed me a cool way to organize all of my contacts, old investigators, and members and see everything at once. I spent some time with him making maps and lists and pins. It has been really helping to make planning more efficient, and we are finding more less active families that usual. The other day we explored one of the towns that make up our area. We had the name of an inactive family and the name of the town, but no address. That happens a lot on the lists here. We asked around a few businesses and the guy selling vegetables happened to be their neighbor! We miraculously found their house and it turned out that they were baptized 30 years ago and moved to a different part of town, stopped going to church, and never received a visit again. We were the first Mormons that they had seen in over 25 years. It was crazy. We taught them the first lesson and on of the brothers had not been baptized when he was little so we set an appointment and now we have a new investigator :) What a miracle! We were also looking around for other old investigators there and we found one that seems to be interested. We're pumped!
Another event was the branch temple trip to Buenos Aires. Of the 56 that attended church the week before, 56 went to the temple!!!!! It was amazing. Even our investigator Noel went and she loved it! We`re going to have baptisms soon with her and her neighbor Alan, but we're going to see how things work out because transfers are coming on next Monday. I can`t believe how much faster every transfer goes by! I only have five left now!!!! That scares me out of my whits. 
Some good news are that now that I'm in a branch with two more elders we wake up earlier to exercise together. This week we played soccer, basketball, monkey in the middle (on a skateboard half pipe), and calvinball (if you have read Calvin and Hobbes you`ll understand). It`s been a blast and we are getting a better workout too :) 
I was on divisions the other day and we had a powerful lesson with the Narducci family. They are less active and basically it's the dad that is holding them all back. We talked to him about his responsibility as the father and told him that he was not doing his job to help his kids go to the Celestial Kingdom. He said he is going to quit smoking!!! We also taught a new convert that said that she doesn`t want anything to do with the church because her husband showed her antimormon junk on the internet. We testified and invited her to remember the Spirit that she felt and come back. My companion shared a powerful testimony! I love the Gospel. The Church is true. Have a great week, Ciaò! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Nativity, Transmission, Fishing

Well, this week has been fun and different! It started on Monday when we went fishing with the Ward Mission Leader. I was fighting to get the worms on the hook and to learn to cast more than 10 feet, haha. With practice and a lot of patience from Hermano Labat I got it down finally. My companion caught a little fish. It fell off the hook onto the beach and when he grabbed it it flailed and made it back into the river. It was hilarious! It caught one too, but it was about the size of my pinkie. Elder Beutler thought it was really funny. 

We had some great service opportunities this week! The best was to help a contact with his car. Elder Beutler is a farm mechanic. We took some tools and took out the transmission for a guy on Friday. I was passing him ratchets and wrenches and I remembered the good old days helping Dad. At the end I got under the car to help him lower the transmission, so I got to get some grease on my hands and feel useful, haha. We are going to go back to fix the part and put it back in this week! 

The Best part of the week was the branch primary nativity. They asked us for help, and I ended up as the Angel Gabriel. I had this huge white robe that was a little transparent and my baptismal clothes underneath. The branch members thought it was cool until my companion picked up the back part and made it look like the train from a wedding dress. They all laughed and took lots of pictures. We also sang in the nativity. We were excited because a less active member went and took her granddaughter that isn't a member. We had previously given her a BOM and couldn't find her after, so we were happy to see her there at the church. We invited her to church on Sunday and found out that her dad is good friends with a recent convert named Dario. *Cha Ching* We have a new family and a member friend! I'm super excited for this week and because Christmas is almost here! The high today is going to be 105 and humid. Enjoy the snow! I love you guys. The Church is true. Read the Book of Mormon. Every week I say the same thing because it is SO important. Read the Book of Mormon. Have a great week, and follow the daily Christmas videos on Mormon.org. Have a great week! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Lluminando el Mundo

This week we´ve been ¨Iluminando el Mundo¨, or lighting the world with the Church´s new Christmas initiative. It is a cool card that leads to Mormon.org and the new Christmas video. It is fun to contact in a new way! We have been getting creative with the way we contact. The other day we saw a family outside and the little kids were jumping rope. I got excited and jumped in and started jumping with them and then after we talked with them about mormon.org. It was a ton of fun. That same day we walked up to a house and we crossed a little ditch where the family there was going to put a gate. They didn´t answer. We were walking back out when a really loud alarm went off! We just walked it off, haha. We could still here the alarm as we were contacting like 5 blocks away! 

Every Sunday morning before church we go to wake up a less active member that wants to go on a mission. The first two Sundays we went and woke him up, but as soon as we left he fell asleep again. Yesterday we went with less faith than we should have had, and no one answered the door. Later as church was starting he walked in with a good looking suit and sat down next to the Branch President. I was super excited! It turns out he was in the shower when we passed by and couldn´t go to the door. No matter how many times things don´t work out, NEVER lose the faith that they eventually will! That is especially important when it comes to our own faults and failures. Be patient with yourself. 

We had interviews with President Zanni this week, and like usual I could feel him staring into my soul, haha. We talked about goals and he challenged me to work harder to make personal goals and do everything possible to reach them. This is a quote from M. Russell Ballard that helped me a lot to understand personal goals:  am so thoroughly convinced that if we don’t set goals in or life and learn how to master the technique of living to reach our goals, we can reach ripe old age and look back on our life only to see that we reached but small part of our full 

Sorry the text is so big. I guess the Lords wants you all to see it better :) This week I´m going to be setting and reaching lots of goals! Have a great week, and remember that the Lord lives. He loves us. Jesus is the Christ. The Book of Mormon is true. If you haven´t asked God in prayer specifically to know if the Book of Mormon is true, please do it tonight! It is the best decision you can make. I love you a lot!
-Elder Gomez

Pictures - 
This is Pablo (far left) the week after I left Baigorria. He got baptized!!!