Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas spirit

Let´s see where do I begin? This week has been great! Well, it has been tough too. Remember Noel? She was doing great, was reading the BoM, and was excited to be baptized on the 10th. We sent the branch missionaries to walk with her to church and when they got there Noel was nowhere to be found. It turns out that she moved to her mom´s house because of a problem between her parents. It was sad, but as soon as we find out her new address we are gong to send more missionaries and she will still get baptized :) 

This transfer we have been having much success, and I have been excited. Our branch has a baptismal goal of 8, and we were on track for our half. I was feeling great, and I think prideful as well. I forgot that it is the Lord that has the power to convert a heart. Yesterday Noel moved, a family told us that they were never going to be baptized, and we found out that a couple didn`t tell us the truth about their marital status, so they can´t be baptized before the end of the year. I believe that it was the Father´s form of teaching me humility. Now I´m trying to focus more on others and less on myself, and to recognize God´s power in all of the success that I have seen. 

Elder Beutler and I are super excited about the new Christmas initiative that the Church put out for December! You all need to go to mormon.org and watch the Christmas video. I love it. I´ve been thinking a lot lately about how Christ is the Light of the World. He is definitely the light of my life. I can´t explain how important he is in my life. He is everything for us. As Christmas comes, do your best to come to Him. I can´t think of anything more important to share. The rest of Christmas is not as important. I am here in Argentina in the summer heat without the usual Christmas trees and gifts, etc, but I feel even more excited about Christmas this year than ever before! The Gospel is just great. I love what President Uchtdorf said in the very first talk of the last General Conference. He said that us members of the Church are walking on a path of diamonds, and sometimes we see it as a path of common pebbles. Be grateful for the blessing of having the Gospel in your lives. Most people do not have that blessing! I love you guys. Set up your Christmas trees!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Arroyo Seco

So I´m here in Arroyo Seco now. It is great! I do miss Baigorria, especially because of Pablo, but I just got word that he was baptized and he is doing great :) I am super excited here because the members are working a ton. The branch president is helping us out a lot to get the leaders excited and focused in on missionary work. The branch has the goal of 8 baptisms before the end of the year. President Ruiz (branch president) keeps on saying that we are going to have a ¨White Christmas¨ I love it! There is a sister named Noel that was investigating with the other elders and when we met her she said that she knows that the church is true. She accepted the baptismal invitation and now she is going to get baptized on December 10th!!! She went to church yesterday with her dad. We are psyched for her, and we are going to have two lessons this week with the branch missionaries. 

The branch missionaries are two young women that are planning to go on missions and they are on fire. They do two or three family home evenings with less active members every week and help us in whatever we ask. Right now they are helping us with Julieta, who is the daughter of a less active brother. Neither she or her mom are members. She is a typical 16 year-old, so it is hard to get her excited about church and the Gospel. We asked the branch missionaries to talk to her and invite her to take the baptismal lessons, so we´ll see how that goes. 

We also have a great ward mission leader. His name is Antonio Labat. He´s 29 and lives with his parents. He reactivated about a month ago, so we are also working on retention with him. He is helping us teach Kevin, who is a 19 year-old less active member that wants to go on a mission. He is finishing up his papers right now. The only problem is that he doesn´t go to church... *sound of frustration*! We woke him up on Sunday and he said he´d be there but when we left he just went back to sleep... We´ll take cold water next week. There are also little towns surrounding my area and the members gave us a ton of referrals of their relatives and friends that live there. We are going to meet them on Wednesday with the ward mission leader.

 My new companion is named Elder Beutler. He is a potato farmer from Idaho and is in to cars, dirt bikes, scout camps, boating, mountains, potato guns (haha), and dutch oven food. We get along well. He also cooks well, which is always a bonus. He is also nuts in a good way. We do crazy things. He is a good guy, so I know that we´re going to have lots of success and a ¨White Christmas¨! 

This week I finished the Book of Mormon and I can honestly say that I know that it´s true. It is a wonderful book and it changed my life. Read it every day! That is seriously the best advice I could give anyone. I love you guys. Be nice and watch the Church´s Christmas video that will come out on the 25th of November on mormon.org. Have a great week!
-Elder Gomez

Picture: The last lunch with Elder Gutierrez :( It was an amazing Argentine food called matambre a la pizza :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Transfers! saying goodbye to his friends in Baigorria

Transfers came and went. I left Baigorria and now I'm in Arroyo Seco, a small town about an hour from Rosario. My companion is named Elder Beutler and is in one of the pictures that I sent. Leaving Baigorria was super hard, especially because Pablo is finally going to be baptized this Saturday and I won't be there. I think that the Lord is trying to teach me to be humble. Please keep praying for Pablo so that he can make it to his baptism! I attached a bunch of pictures that I took with families from Baigorria. Pablo is in the picture of me on the bed. My companion bought hats for us to remember each other, and so we walked the streets in style for the last week.

This morning I woke up and started the daily routine of excercise, breakfast, studies, more studies etc, and I realized that I am truly happy I felt it as I was in the apartment. I am really happy! It feels good to be able to say that :) I know that it is a the Love of God that makes me feel this way. Only He can make us happy. I was getting to know the members yesterday and I was honestly nervous. What were they going to think of me? Will they listen to me? Am I talking to much? (Usually I do haha) I realized that it was pride that made me feel like that. I want the members and investigators to be able to trust me so that we can teach them, but I realized that I just need to be genuine and trust in the Spirit. That has always been tough for me. Honestly, I am awkward when I get to know a new investigator and it is tough to develop a trust with them. I've been thinking of something that Katelyn sent a week or two ago. She sent this:

What Satan wants us to think: Me+More=Christ
What Christ wants us to think: Me+Christ=More

Amen! It was just what I needed. All I need to do is trust in Christ, and the Spirit will put the words in my mouth. I hope that you all think about how you view yourselves. Ether 12:27talks about our weaknesses, and it says that we have weaknesses so that we can be humble. If we are humble and trust in God, He can make those weak things strong. I know it is true. I love you guys, have a great week!
-Elder Gomez
P.S.Word on the street here is that Donald Trump is my new president. Is it true? Who did you guys vote for? The people here hate Trump with all of their hearts. I love you!