Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, October 31, 2016

The magic of hymns

This week Pablo has been doing a lot better. He had an operation on Thursday and is recovering right now. Hopefully he´ll be able to make it out of the hospital! He is a trooper. 
One of the big events of the week was one of the sister missionaries´ baptisms. His name is Daniel Bravo. He is a great guy. After his baptism on Saturday we found out that his brother in law had passed away from cancer. On Sunday he was going to be confirmed and he wasn´t showing up to church. We called and called and the sisters finally got ahold of him and found out that he was at the funeral. He made it just in time for sacrament meeting and was confirmed. It was a great moment! 
A fun event happened while we were walking towards an appointment. We heard guitar and Mexican style singing and it turned out to be a family sitting on their roof and singing. We stopped and contacted them, and my companion told them that I was a famous singer in Utah and that we had to go back another day so I could sing hymns for them. They got suprisingly excited and now they´re going to be waiting for me on Wednesday.... That´s going to be interesting :) 
We have been singing hymns in every lesson lately. The hymns bring the Spirit quickly and teach a lot of doctrines of the Gospel. I´m grateful for the hymns. We have been finding more people to teach by singing as well. Yesterday we met a couple that had lots of good questions. The girlfriend is named Vanessa. We presented the Book of Mormon and she asked about who wrote it, where they were from, what it contained, and who was Joseph Smith. We gave her a pamphlet about the Restoration and she immediately started reading in front of us and looked super interested. The truth has power! We wanted to teach more to Vanessa, but her boyfriend although friendly was also a little drunk so we set a date to go back when he isn´t intoxicated so he can feel the Spirit. The Church is true! I love this work. Look for missionary work opportunities! I love you.
-Elder Gomez

November 7, 2016
Pablo! We are way excited for him. We have been preparing him for baptism ever since he left the hospital and he accepted a baptismal date for November 19th! He is super excited and is reading and praying every day. He went to church yesterday and felt wonderful. It was fast sunday, and his sister (who is a member) gave a great testimony about faith and told a little bit of the story of how Pablo miraculously survived the heart attack even though he has 90% percent of his arteries completely blocked. It was powerful. Today we pushed him in his wheel-chair to the hospital to do some things and we were talking a lot. He is way excited and very converted. Wahooo! We have a lesson with him tonight and we are going to take a member.
We had a wicked zone conference this week. President and Sister Zanni talked about how to help people increase their faith and repent of their sins. It was the last zone conference of 4 missionaries in the zone, including Sister Cabrera who has been in my district for 3 transfers. They all shared really cool testimonies. I felt the Spirit a lot. I also liked a story that Sister Zanni told us. About 11 months back she challenged all of us to fill out a pamphlet called My Family that is about geneaology. Since we have zero time left over to do family history she said we had to ask our parents for pictures, info, stories, etc. One missionary had a mom that wasn´t a member and asked her to look for the missionaries and ask them to help her do family history. She got baptized!!! I had a really cool feeling when I heard the story. 
The last big event this week was a baptismal interview that I did on Saturday for the Beltrán sisters. His name is Jorge, and we had a long interview. I was waiting for the Spirit to tell me if he was ready or not, and it wasn´t until we had prayed for 30 minutes and talked for almost 2 hours that I felt the Spirit tell me clearly that he was ready. He felt the Spirit as well and asked if I could baptize him. It was special. The poor sisters had been waiting and probably biting their nails like crazy, but were happy to see that he passed. I believe that baptism is extremely important, and so I feel that I must receive a clear confirmation before passing an investigator in an interview. I had never had to wait so long for that feeling, but I felt wonderful to know that if we are patient and keep holy such sacred things, the Lord will respond. I love you guys! 
-Elder Gomez

Email and pictures from a sweet sister in Argentina

Querida hermana Nancy
ayer le envie fotos de su hijo, perdón que lo envié sin texto, ni saludos.
El es muy bueno, muy educado siempre, muy feliz y dispuesto a trabajar duro en la obra del Señor. Deben estar felices por ello.
Se lleva muy bien con su compañero, que tambien es un joven de oro. Siempre es un placer tenerlos en casa. Aqui en las fotos comiendo su comida favorita (dijo él) ravioles con salsa y carne.. y postre de frutillas.
Les envió mis cariños
Hna Nora

Monday, October 24, 2016

Holes... the service project

Alright this was a really crazy week! I`ll start with the craziest part. Remember Pablo Toranza? He is an investigator that had his leg amputated due to problems with diabetes. He didn`t want to get baptized because he didn`t feel ready or the need, and even though he is reading the Book of Mormon and other church manuals we had to stop passing by as often. We had been praying for a long time so that he could have a spiritual experience so that he could humble himself and be baptized. We were at church yesterday and we found out that he had a heart attack and was in the hospital. We went to visit him during visiting hours and he said that he is going to have a bypass surgery on Tuesday. We gave him a blessing and he said that if he makes it out of the hospital again he wants to be baptized as soon as possible! As we were with him in the hospital The Spirit was there. He was very humble and looked better than ever actually. We`re praying that the surgery with go well. 

The rest of the week was also interesting. We had a fun service project on Saturday. Here in Argentina many people dig a huge hole about 16 feet deep where all of the excrements are stored until a big truck comes and empties the hole with a hose. Then they make a massive lid out of cement to cover the hole and they bury the whole thing underground. A member had dug a hole and made a lid, but had a problem and we had to break the lid and fill the hole. He had made the lid himself and had used sheet metal and chain link fencing in the concrete. It was a lot of fun with saws and hammers and picks to break through. 

In the last few months the sacrament meetings have been really irreverant and in ward council the bishop was talking with the leaders and trying to find a solution. He assigned me a talk in sacrament meeting on reverance and basically told me to go hard... It was interesting, haha. While I was preparing the talk I thought about all of the times that Dad looked at us in sacrament meeting from the stand and burned us with his stare. I shared it in my talk and spoke about how the parents can help their kids focus :) Thanks Dad! 

I love you guys. This is really the true Gospel. I know it. The Plan of Salvation is real. I love the verse Juan 17:3. Always remember that God is our loving Heavenly Father! 
-Elder Gomez

Monday, October 17, 2016

Serving the members

This week we had the goal to serve the members. We went to the Cuiñas´ house and we did a bit of gardening and moved a huge fence. We were trying to drag the fence away from a wall without success with sister Cuiñas and her son when we realized that it didn´t move because it was nailed down with a huge metal stake that was hidden beneath a lot of greenery. That was a funny moment, haha! We also got to paint ceilings with the Arario family. It was great because they are a little reserved and so we hadn´t been able to get to know them as well as we would like to, and a service project was the perfect oportunity to break the ice a bit. It turns out that their son is a Pokemon fan and I won some points on that front :) We also talked to Brother Arario about his work and about his mission. It was an awesome feeling to be able to give back a little of all of the service that the members give us between lunches and lessons.
Some news: Ramón has fallen a bit again into his problems with the Word of Wisdom because his brother was murdered this week. We have gone to see him, but he hasn´t wanted to talk yet so we are praying for him. Silvina and Pedro are going to go to the Civil Registry TODAY to see if Pedro´s divorce went through, and Silvina is really excited. Viviana (New investigator) has been praying every day and has felt a huge difference in her life. She is excited to keep learning and we are planning a lesson with her on Thursday or Friday. 
Some sad news is that Mirta, a new convert from March, doesn´t want to go to church anymore because of some drama in the single adults group. The sisters and we are working to try to help her to remember her testimony of the Restoration. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

work every day as if it was my last

 This week we`ve been looking a ton for new investigators. Pablo, Ramòn, and a few others that were going strong have started to teeter, so we have been trying to help them out the best that we can. It is getting to the point with a few of them that we need to drop them, so it has been a little tough to have to drop these people that I love so much. So, we`ve been looking for and finding new investigators this week! There have been many that are interested to learn more and this week we have lots and lots of appointments with new investigators. I am excited to see which ones progress! 
     The news on Silvina is the following: We went to visit her to have a practice baptismal interview to see what lessons we`ll need to touch up before baptism and she said that after talking to the bishop they couldn´t find a place for her to move to to be able to get baptized. We were wondering what to do and called the mission president, and he said that if we and Silvina have faith then the divorce of her boyfriend will finalize in ten days and they will be able to get married! We were super excited and told Silvina and Pedro the news. They were a little hesitant to believe the promise of the president, so Elder Gutierrez and I pumped them up and shared our faith and testimonies with them of the promises of God`s servants. At the end of the lesson they were more excited. Pedro, who has always been lazy when it comes to checking up on the status of his divorce case, got excited and called his lawyer right there in the lesson. She said that they are now just waiting on the decision of the judge and that it should be done soon. It was great! 
     My focus this week has been to work every day as if it was my last. It has been amazing to feel the difference in when I work even more urgently. The Spirit comes in the lessons more and we find more people that are willing to hear us. 
     The cherry on top of this week was when Emanuel Peyrano finally attended church! He is an inactive member. We`ve been teaching him for about 6 months now and he finally made it to church! He is super excited and is going to prepare to go to the temple! It`s been a good week. I`ll let you all know how the progress goes with Silvina and the rest. I know that the Church is true. It is! I love you guys, ciaó!
-Elder Gomez 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

He's staying in Baigorria again!

Conference was the BEST like usual! I loved loved loved the talks from Elder Cornish, Elder Renlund, Elder Holland, the first talk from Elder Uchtdorf, and many more. It is amazing to see the apostles explain so simply the doctrines that I try to teach every day. We talked with Carolina after the conference and we asked how it was. She said: "I loved it! They teach a lot better than you guys." Haha, TRUTH! We promised that we are doing our best :) We left supercharged from the conference and we taught have been teaching with great effort and hope. The day finally came for Silvina to see if Pedro´s divorce came out, and it got postponed again. She made the hard decision to move out so that she can live the Law of Chastity and be baptized!!!  Pedro was super against it and was giving her an awful time. We had a lesson with the both of them and expressed our love and explained very clearly that if they continued living together and the second coming came that they would not be able to live in the Celestial Kingdom. He was still upset. Silvina said that she was going to move out even if he doesn´t like it, and so we testified again and he finally accepted it. Later we were praying for him to soften his heart and we called to see how they were doing. He got emotional and said that he was willing to separate and was grateful for the help. It was such a miracle! They are working with the bishop now to find a place where he can live. Ramón had a rough weekend with the Word of Wisdom and was too ashamed to talk to us after the conference. We are going to pass by again and try to give him some hope. 
Transfers came this weekend and I stayed AGAIN in Baigorria! I got here on April 18th... The members are all joking around that I´m going to spoil here like an old fruit, and others say that they are going to buy me a piece of land. I am honestly happy to stay here. I love this ward. The members are wonderful, and I feel at home here. They treat us like their brothers/sons and it is amazing. I am most excited to be able to see Silvina get baptized!!! It has been a LONG time coming for her (10 years)! I love you all, Ciaó!
-Elder Gomez