Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Thursday, September 29, 2016

pretty loca week

Happy Birthday Levi!!! You are 15 now!!!!! That´s just nuts. I hope that you had a good birthday bud. 

This week has been pretty loca. On Tuesday we went on divisions with the Zone Leader and a mini missionary. I don´t know why, but it seems like there are always miracles during divisions. We taught Ramón about repentance. He has been drinking a lot less than before, and is reading the Book of Mormon! The best part was that he went to church yesterday!!! It was awesome. He loved Gospel Principles class. We are going to see him today and ask how he liked church. Sandra (His girlfriend) is going to get divorced today so that they can get married and he can be baptized. 

We saw another miracle with Silvina. We had taught her and Pedro before, but they weren´t willing to live in seperate houses until Pedro gets divorced and they can get married. We saw her and she said that the divorce case will finally be finished this weekend, and if it doesn´t she is willing to get separated to be able to get baptized! She said that she feels like her time has finally come to get baptized. Now we´re waiting to see how the divorce ends up. 

We have been visiting all of the new investigators from the other week and seeing how interested they really are. Sadly we had to drop some families, but we saw progress with a man named Marcelo. We taught the Restoration and he accepted the Book of Mormon and a baptismal date! We are pumped. Like the majority of Argentina, he isn´t married with his girlfriend so we are going to have to wait for a while for him to be baptized. He is awesome. 

There is another new family that is huge. They have 8 kids that live at home and most of them have girlfriends living there too. It´s crazy. The parents are the ones more interested, but the sons are hilarious and always ask about the U.S. They think that I look like Eminem and call me that every time we go. They didn´t go to church yesterday, so we are going to pass by today and see what happened. 

Something fun: We met a wealthy man that lived in U.S. for years and had Texas style cowboy boots. We spoke English with him and invited him to investigate the church and it all went super well. Then we found out from the neighbors that he is a drug dealer. Awkward... We also got to visit an investigator at his birthday party for a few minutes and sing happy birthday to him in English. We met a man there named Juan Carlos. He asked to talk to us because he wanted to know if there was a true church and he said that he has been feeling a void ever since he stopped attending a protestant church. He lives in the sister missionaries¨ area, so we passed the referral.

That´s the news this week. We´re psyched for Ramón and Silvina. Pablo is also doing really well, He has been reading the Book of Mormon every day. Every time we teach he understands more and more. The power of the Book of Mormon is amazing! I love you guys, ciaó!
-Elder Gomez 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Eternal Families

This week we had an awesome family home evening with the Alvarez family. They are all members, but the majority are less actives. The Alvarez family is consisted of 7 siblings that are all adults and live in a neighborhood all together. Their mother passed away a year or so ago and was a convert to the Gospel. From what I hear about her, she was extremely faithful and managed to send three of her sons on missions. As of now only the youngest son (Agenor) and the oldest sister (Paulina) are active in the church. We have taught all of them individualy, but my companion and I felt that we should have a family night with all of the siblings. It was powerful. We talked about the temple and eternal families, and the Spirit was potent. Agenor and Paulina bore testimony to the rest of their siblings and I could feel so much love. We invited them all to repent and return to the Church, and yesterday one of the sisters attended church! We will be working with them so that all of them can return. 
     Carolina returned from a week-long trip to visit her family out of state, and she went to church on Sunday! She is still super shy, and after sacrament meeting the second counselor in the bishopric asked her if she would give the closing prayer in sacrament meeting next week. She said yes! I was so proud. We´re going to visit and pump her up so that she can be ready to go next Sunday. 
     Another development was that my watch broke. I was pretty helpless, so today I found a new one with the seal of the Barcelona soccer club, and it was only about 10 dollars. I was psyched. I hadn´t realized how important my watch was until I didn´t have it anymore and I was so lost, haha! 
     Yesterday our investigators slept in and none of them went to church. It was super sad. We are going to visit them this week and talk about the blessings of the Sabbath. Please pray so that they can understand how important it is to go to church! 
     A miracle that happened this week was that we found a new family, and there are ten of them! They are named the Lopez family and they are hilarious. The mom was really excited to find out if the Church was true, so we are praying so that she´ll have the faith to receive her answer! It´ll let you know how things turn out. I love you all! Ciaó!
-Elder Gomez
P.S. I´m doing great! Lots of changes. Today we got a message from the offices saying that a law changed in Argentina and now we can´t receive packages. The ones that already have been sent might make it, but we can´t receive any more. I don´t know about letters. I´ll ask and let you know next week. Thanks, I love you!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Some kind members in Argentina sent me some pictures of my boy! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

like children on a teeter totter

   This week was crazy. We were looking for new investigators like crazy, and we had the goal of finding 14. We were also working on helping our investigators that have baptismal dates. Carolina went on vacation, so we haven´t been able to see her in a while. She gets back on Thursday. A miracle this week was that we were able to find many new people to teach. We were doing crazy things to find them. We were 7 short of our weekly goal when we set out on Sunday, and I was anxious to find the rest of the people that God had been preparing to hear the message of the Restoration. We To my surprise, we found 4 new families and a total of 8 new investigators. It was amazing! The biggest miracles were the last two investigators. We went to visit Pablo and Romina, two investigators, to give their toddler a blessing. They weren´t home, but Romina´s parents were there. They are really friendly, but never have let us into their home to teach and never have accepted a lesson. I needed to use the bathroom, and they were kind and let us in. While I was in the bathroom my companion (who is brand new) started teaching. I left the bathroom and we were able to teach them about eternal families and leave them with a Book of Mormon. God loves his children!!! 
     Sometimes the hard part in finding is catching the attention of people without scaring them. Early in the week we were heading back to the house for lunch and we saw a park, and I got a weird impression. I felt like we needed to try out the teeter-totter. Before I could doubt myself I took my companion over and for 10 seconds or so we used the teeter-totter like little kids. We saw that a man on the other side of the park was giving us a strange look, so we got up and went to talk to him. It turns out that he is a less-active member that lives in our ward on the sister missionaries´ side, and for some reason isn´t on the list of members. We wrote down his info and sent the sisters to his house. I´m grateful that the Spirit helped us find him, because he might have never been found by anybody and now we can work on inviting him to church! 
     A cool experience we had this week was a church blood drive. We weren´t allowed to donate, but the leaders asked us to invite people in the street to donate. It was a lot of fun, and I was happy to see two random passerby accept the invitation and donate. This upcoming week will be brilliant! I love you guys. Ciaó!
-Elder Gomez
p.s. Elder Gutierrez is amazing. He has a huge desire to learn and grow, and is very humble. He is fearless, and super obedient. We are having a blast together, and we are learning a lot. I love you Mom. Bye!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Bus Talk, Cool Meeting, Baptism

This week the sister missionaries in our ward had a baptism. It was a great service and the candidate (Elizabeth) was super happy. She was confirmed yesterday, and the whole ward was excited for her. We also went to a meeting for all of the ward councils in the stake. It was very powerful. We set some goals with the bishop and the rest of the council to be able to give more referrals, and we also set up a calling tree to invite all of the members to church every week. I am pumped! We also had a zone conference this week and it was special. Our zone leader challenged us to be bold in our contacting and teaching. We all left the meeting on fire and when we got on the bus to go back to our area I stood in the aisle and told everyone on the bus that my companion and I had something to say. Then we said that the church had been restored and asked who wanted to learn more. We had several good contacts. Then we went to a lesson with a less active member and her boyfriend. They have been living together for years and the sister (Sandra) is currently married. Her boyfriend's name is Ramón. He has read the Book of Mormon from start to finish, but has drinking problems and doesn't work or do anything really. We were still on fire from the conference and so we taught about the Atonement and invited Sandra to get divorced, reactivate, and separate from her boyfriend. We invited Ramón to stop drinking and to be baptized. The Spirit was strong when we extended the invitation. They both accepted all of the committments. We are stoked. Elder Gutierrez and I have been looking like crazy for new investigators, and we have been talking with everyone to find the ones with potential to progress at this time. I'm feeling great :) The church is true. 
-Elder Gomez