Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, August 29, 2016

Big big big week!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WES AND CAMILLA!!! I hope Wes enjoys a new toy and Camilla has fun not having to take all of the birthday pictures, haha :) I have a new niece already? That´s awesome! Chloe June Gomez. That´s a nice name. Her pictures are adorable. 
    We had a big, big, big week! The first few days were spent in another area in a trio with the Zone Leader and his companion, and I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the two of them. On Tuesday I got to play a little bit of tennis!!! The missionary that I played with was ranked 5th in the 18 year-old division in all of Utah. He trashed me pretty good :) The sad thing was that after a few games his strings broke and we couldn´t play any more. We played paddleball with the rest of the missionaries and it was fun. On Wednesday I received my new companion fresh from the MTC in Buenos Aires. I was happy to see that Elder Wagner was training again as well! My companion´s name is Elder Gutierrez, and is from Sinaloa, Mexico!!! I was stoked when I saw that we were going to be companions. He is a straight cannon. He has been teaching and committing everyone in sight since the first lesson. We get along really well. He also had his first baptism on his 3rd day of his mission field experience. Carolina got baptized!!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful. She was so excited. We found out that her favorite food is Raviolis, so we bought food and made her lunch right before the baptism. Her mom who doesn´t say much and is elderly was super excited when we took out the icecream after the meal :) When my companion gets his memory card working I´ll send pictures of the lunch and the baptism. The only downside was that the water heater didn´t work for the elders that filled the font for us and the water was freezing. She was not happy with me because I promised warm water, but she forgave me haha. Yesterday I confirmed her and it was a really nice sacrament meeting. She said that it was a lot easier than the baptism, haha. When we were listening to the talks Carolina said that she could feel the Spirit. After all of the craziness of the week, it was great to see an outcome that nice! I love you guys, ciaĆ³!
-Elder Gomez

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Missing my Peruvian, Stuck in a Trio, Gonna be a Daddy

  The transfers came!!! It was a surprising one too. I´m staying here in Baigorria. I have already been here for 4 or 5 months, and Elder Davalos only had 3 months, but it turns out that he was the one that got transfered. I´ve been here in Alberdi with the zone leader and his companion because I am waiting for my new companion. I am going to train! I am stoked. The goodbye with Elder Davalos was super sad. I gave him my second favorite tie because he always loved it. The good news are that I get to stay here with all of my other friends in Baigorria :) I am especially excited to see Carolina´s baptism. She is a sweetheart. We were going to have her interview on Saturday but she was feeling sick so we are going to have it on Wednesday. She´s doing well, but sadly I won´t be able to see her until Wednesday because I am in Alberdi. I´m going to call and see how she is doing. 
     The life in the trio has been fun and really interesting. It is strange to be with americans again. They act differently, haha! I have been meeting the members here. They are great :) During our companionship study today I had a talk with Elder Curtis. He was the last AP and is now my zone leader. He talked about having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I felt the Spirit really strongly and I have a new determination to progress. Last night we had a Family Home Evening with a part member family. When we started the lesson Elder Curtis took a huge nail out of his bag and put it on the table. The Spirit came immediately. He asked the family what they thought it was and they tried guessing the Iron Rod. Then he explained that it was a nail- like the nails that were used to crucify the Lord. It was amazing. Then we taught about faith in Jesus Christ, and we challenged them to show their faith. It was a special lesson. My faith in the Savior grew. I know that he loves me. I am so excited to teach. 
     Today I am going to play tennis for the first time in over a year :D I am going nuts. Have a great week, I love you guys. CiaĆ³!

Monday, August 15, 2016


This week the whole ward has been going crazy because a sister missionary that already finished her mission came back with her parents, to visit. You wouldn´t believe the amount of people that went to church for the first time in months to see her! I´m thinking that a return missionary should visit every week, and we´ll have a temple here in my area in no time. I saw the sister´s dad walk into Elders quorum and sit down in the back row, and it was obvious that he didn´t speak a lick of Spanish. The Bishop sent me to the back row to translate for him, and we became the gringo seccion. I couldn´t believe how hard it was to speak in English!!! We made it through the first hour and I saw the sister and her mother. They thanked me and the mother asked me to translate a question from one of the members. Without thinking I just repeated the question in Spanish and she gave me a confused look. Then I said it again in English and apologized. It was super funny and only a little embarassing, haha.
     Carolina has been progressing well. She went to church again and loved it. We have almost made it through all of the lessons with her. She is still super excited for her baptism! We helped her move this week. She had been in her brother¨s house because the city was remodeling hers. She only lives two doors down and in a village of sorts, so it wasn´t a big move :) In the new house she has a bathroom, so she is excited. We were on a visit when I had just arrived to this area when I asked to use the bathroom and the brother apologized and told me that they didn´t have a bathroom. It was a very humbling experience. It turns out that only about half of the houses have bathrooms there. I´m super excited to see Carolina get baptized. Transfers are next week, so I hope I´ll get to stay and see her baptismal service!
-Elder Gomez

Monday, August 1, 2016

Ditch digging and prayers needed!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIERA, DALLIN, AND HARRY!!!!!! I hope you celebrate big :) This week has been pretty loca. Silvina has been going to church every week, but still needs to get married. Her current problem is that her daughter Antonela ran away from home. It´s been a week, and she is nowhere to be found. She has run away before, but never this long. Silvina is super worried. We shared the story of when Peter walked on water and the Lord saved him from sinking. The Spirit was SO strong! We invited her to reach out to Jesus and be baptized. She was weeping, and said that she didn´t know if it was the right choice. We knelt down with her and she prayed to know if she should be baptized, crying during the whole prayer. She fasted this weekend for help to find Antonela and to know if she should be baptized. Today we´re going to visit and find out the answer! We also taught a new family!!! We were in a lesson almost ready to go to the last lesson of the day and my companion felt an impression to go to the house of a contact named Fermina and her daughter Jimena. We managed to meet the whole family and taught the Restoration. They are interested! I´m so grateful for the impressions of the Spirit. On Saturday we met a less active family that lives in the sisters´ area and worked with some members to dig a 4 foot ditch to install a water pipe. The ditch ran from the back yard through the house to the front, so it involved breaking through 4 inches of cement through the whole house. We felt tough while we worked, but the next day at church we winced every time we moved, haha :) After church I performed a baptism for one of the sisters´investigators. It was neat :) We finished the week tired from the walking and service. Today we might crash for a bit. This week we´re going to focus on the baptismal invitation. I let you know how it goes!
-Elder Gomez