Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lovin it (minus the fake Mexican food)

     So here´s the deal: Today is Pday. Elder Davalos and I at last had some time to go see if we could find some Mexican food here. This morning I was was more excited than Siera at Hogwarts :) We took an hour long busride downtown and arrived at Tijuana, a Mexican restaurant that the members told us about. We ordered burritos and by the time they arrived I was frantic. It turns out that Mexican food isn´t exactly the same here... It was pretty sad. We left the restaurant and my companion knew exactly what to say: Let´s get Peruvian food! (He´s from Peru) My spirits lifted and we set out. After about a half hour we found authentic Peruvian food it was great! I also met an Argentine that was working downtown and had a Kearns High Tennis sweatshirt on. I almost wet myself I was so excited! It turns out that he is from Argentina, but lived the first 20 years of his life accross the street from Kearns High. He spoke to me in normal Utah English :D It was probably the most bizarre thing I´ve ever seen. 
      The work has been going well this week. The investigators that we have that are most interested in the Church all seem to have big obstacles between them and baptism. We´re not the only ones trying to win their souls. We have been looking like crazy for more people to teach as well. After a week of knocking on doors and clapping (That´s a thing here) we found one family during the last proselyting hour of the week. What a miracle! I know that the Lord watches over us. This week I have been able to feel more love every day and it is really exciting! The lessons are becoming more powerful. We were able to testify of the Book of Mormon many times. It is true. Every time I read it I feel more of the Spirit. Read the Book of Mormon. Read it again. Read it every day. I love you guys. Ciao!
-Elder Gomez

Monday, July 18, 2016

service in the Zanja

  In the last year our mission has been gradually baptizing more converts, and all of the missionaries are super excited! Elder Davalos and I have been working like crazy to get better. It has been cool to see what the Lord can do. We found two new families this week knocking on doors, and I am super excited to share the Gospel with them. Lately the investigators have had a lot of doubts, so we have been studying and studying the doctrines of the Gospel and the scriptures. The Church is true! It is neat to use the Book of Mormon and the Bible to explain plainly the answers to questions that people have had there whole lives. 
     This transfer my companion has taught me a lot about loving the people. Yesterday I spoke in Sacrament Meeting and I chose to speak about Christlike Atributes. I felt the Spirit stronger that I have in a long time. In my talk I shared an experience that we had last week. We had stop by the apartment to drop off a document and we found a member of our ward cutting our lawn. When he finished he also cleaned out our Zanja. In Argentina the sewage flows in open ditches in front of the houses. It is disgusting. The ditch is called a Zanja. This member grabbed a shovel and cleaned it out, smiling and chatting the whole time. I learned a lot about service. 
       Well, there haven't been any crazy stories this week. I love you guys. Chau!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Feeling the spirit instead of fever :)

  I have a funny joke for those that speak Spanish. For those who don´t, go eat at a Mexican restaurant and have someone translate :) "Dos peces iban y uno pregunt√≥ al otro: ¿Que hace tu pap√†? El otro dijo: Nada!" I died laughing :D Sorry I couldn´t write last week. On Monday I got a nasty fever and spent 4 days in bed. Boring!!! It´s alright though, now I´m doing well and I´m definitely not bored. We´ve been in a new house for a week and a half now. It is super nice and has two stories. The work has been going well lately. Our investigator Janet is doing well and is going to get married soon. Then she can be baptized!!! I think I´ll be here to see it. This week we had transfers, and I am staying here in Baigorria with Elder Davalos. One change is that now I´m the District Leader, and my district is comprised of my companion and I, and 4 sisters. It will be interesting! There were lots of changes in the zone, and my old district changed. I called one of the Elders from my district and was confused when he told me that he was also District leader. It turns out that now we´re in different districts. We were on the phone with leaders for an hour trying to figure out what happened, haha! Other than that, nothing fishy happened with the transfers. 
     We´ve been going full speed lately. It seems like there aren´t enough hours in the day! We have so many people that we need to help and visit, and so many more to find. This week I felt like my love for the people has grown. I love to see the Spirit touch the heart of a person. It happens when we teach them the truth. Every day I meet many people that don´t know that families can live together forever. To begin to explain the whole story of the great Plan can be tricky, but there is a wonderful feeling when a person understands for the first time that it is true. The other day we were with a recent convert named Mirta that had attended church after missing some weeks. She shared that she felt peace when she attended, and said that the members have a special Spirit. She expressed her desire to go to the temple for the first time. When she was talking to me I felt joy. The Spirit witnessed to me that the Church is true. It is! It is the Church of Jesus Christ! I felt so good in that moment. I love you guys. Be good. Gomez out.
-Elder Gomez