Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, June 27, 2016

appreciating a juice box

  I´ve been here for 48 weeks now. That´s a between 96 and 148 hours of weekly planning sessions! Weekly planning session is a real trial, haha. Just kidding, it is really long though. 
     The other day a nice sister gave us juice boxes. I was super excited to drink from a juice box, but in the following lesson a toddler named Juliett was being fussy and I gave her the juice box so that her mother could focus on the lesson. It worked wonderfully, but after the lesson I had to face the truth that I had lost the juice box. I got over it. Later in the apartment I noticed that my companion had not used the little straw that comes glued to the box, and had rather cut the box and poured the juice out into a cup. The child inside of me was badly offended. I took a picture so that you all can see as well.
     Other than that, there weren´t too many tough trials this week. It was cold and rainy for a couple of days and the people didn´t want to listen. My companion felt really sick. He decided to be a warrior and we tracted for a couple of hours without getting into a house. That night he felt frustrated and really sick, but we decided that sacrifice would bring blessings and we slept hopefully. The next day was Sunday, and we woke up early to look for investigators that live far from the church building. My companion bravely trudged through mud, rain and cold as we woke people up at 7:45 in the morning. When we got to church the power was out. There was one emergency light bulb lit in the chapel, and all of the members gathered there for the meetings. The power came back on right before Sacrament Meeting. Miraculously, 6 investigators went to church! Our last lesson of the day was with one of the investigators that attended church and his girlfriend. We taught the Plan of Salvation. When we taught about the Celestial Kingdom At the end of the lesson they were crying and his girlfriend said that she wants to be sealed with her Grandpa who passed away. She´s going to ask work off to have another lesson on Wednesday. Sacrifice brings blessings. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is here on the Earth. It´s true. Have a great week!  
-Elder Gomez

Thursday, June 23, 2016

100 kilometers per hour

This week passed at 100 kilometers per hour! We had interviews with President Zanni on Tuesday, and he told us that all of the stats of every missionary would be posted in the mission newsletter. Needless to say, the whole mission picked up the pace :) We had a miraculous week! We have been struggling to find new investigators, and the week was drawing to a close last night. We were contacting near the house when we met an Italian family that let us in and we shared a quick lesson with them. What a blessing! They were the only contact that let us into the house the whole week, and it was the very last visit we made. I believe that the Lord gives blessings AFTER the sacrifices we make. We were also blessed to be able to work with the members to take people to church yesterday. In the morning Elder Davalos and I woke up and headed to an area about an hour away from the church and started waking up less actives and investigators at 7:30 in the morning. After an hour or so we had 10 people to go to church with us and two members drove us all to the Ward Conference. The Bishop has been asking all of the leaders to invite people to the conference all week, and there were many more than usual in Sacrament Meeting. We almost didn´t all fit in the tiny church! During the first hour, Elder Davalos and I left to call an investigator that had promised to go. We were disappointed when he didn´t answer, but all of the sudden he walked out of the church and said that he was in the Elders Quorum class! It was a true miracle. The meetings were wonderful, and we are more than excited to work even harder this week. Today we went to play soccer for P-Day and we saw the Bishop. He said that he wants to go and pick people up again from that area this week. It is great to have the support of the leaders! Working together, we can achieve far more than working alone. 
     Let´s see... funny stories... The pig that crashed our tithing lesson got out again and I got a little scare haha :) We were contacting the other day and when the lady attended us we presented ourselves and asked for a cup of water (The plan was that they would bring out a cup of water and we could chat as we drank) We asked for some water and she said "Here we don´t have water, goodbye!" and shut the door. We just looked at each other and laughed. At the next house a man answered the door and said "Are you the Mormons?". We said yes, and that we would like a cup of water. He came out with a water bottle, handed it to us, and hastily walked in and shut the door. I always think that I have a winning strategy, and then the people prove otherwise. We´ll keep being creative! :) Adiós!    

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Beautiful Argentina Sky

Today Elder Davalos (my companion) wanted to buy tuna. I told the guy that I liked tuna, but that it isn't my very favorite. He decided not to buy it just to make me happy, haha. That is the kind of charity that he has! I've been learning a lot from him. He's like a tornado of service! I take a shower in the morning and when come out there are eggs, toast, and mate cocido on my desk. I don't know how he makes it all so fast! It's a quality that I'm determined to take with me after we separate. This week has been a joy. We've been very preoccupied for the people here, because they're not doing too hot keeping their commitments. The good news is that we spoke with the Bishop, and in Ward Council the members enlisted themselves in the work. We talked with them about a humble part of our area that is far away from the church, and because it is so far away they receive very few visits. The members agreed to come with us and rescue all of the less actives that live there. Out of the 150 people that live in that sector there are about 30 members! Moreover, those 30 members have many brothers, sisters, children, and cousins that are not members. We're excited to help so many families. This week I have been feeling more love for the people than I had before. It is a wonderful feeling. I realized that I had been focused on my necessities more than I needed to, and now I'm in the fight to forget about Elder Gomez and think about others 24/7. In Argentina the winter is upon us, and there is a flu that is going around. We had the opportunity to give 9 priesthood blessings since Thursday to members and non-members. In each occasion, I felt a bit of the love that God has for his children. It's a lot, and it is profound. Adiós!

A picture of Elder Davalos and I, and an awesome sunrise from this morning.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Faith replaces fear!

This week was great! My new companion Elder Davalos and I are getting the rhythm down in our teaching. With every companion there is a slight difference in the way you teach. I´ve been working on teaching in a more simple way every time. I love the moment when the the investigator understands a principle and the Spirit is able to testify of the truth. We have been working with an investigator named Horacio that is the bishop´s wife´s brother. He had a really hard past and was into drugs and other addictions. He has been progressing in between every visit. He told us in the last lesson that he has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon, and that he feels peace when he reads and prays. He says he´s still not ready to be baptized, so we´ll have to be patient. The Perez family are doing well as well. They are excited to be baptized. This transfer the Lord put a goal of one baptism in every single area in the month of June. We had a Zone Conference yesterday that was fantastic! We prayed as a Zone to know if the Lord could make it possible to have at least one baptism each. We received the answer that it is possible and that we are going to do it. I´m excited! In the Conference we also talked a lot about faith and fear. One of the Zone Leaders shared a quote from President Monson: Faith replaces fear. I know that the Lord can do anything. Faith is the key to power, but it requires action. First comes the action, and then the power. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Be brave. I love you guys!
Elder Gomez

with some former companions...

and a package full of Reeses and nutella from some wonderful neighbors :) THANKYOU!!! My life is complete!