Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fleeing Pig

Transfers came and went yesterday. I have a new companion, Elder Davalos! He is from Peru. He´s 26 years young, and has been in the mission for 16 months. In other words, he´s like an older brother haha. We were able to meet members and teach lessons yesterday, and he is a really good teacher. I´m going to learn a ton from him! This last week has been pretty crazy. With the transfers coming up, Elder Palacios and I were teaching like crazy. I had a very bizarre, very Argentine experience while we were teaching the Perez family about tithing. They live in a little neighborhood about a mile outside of the city. The area is extremely poor. We were about to start the lesson when we heard that a pig jumped some fence, and Brother Perez left to help put it back. We were talking and waiting to start the lesson for about 20 minutes, and all of the sudden a huge pig blasted the door open and ran into the house. It had to have been 3 feet high at the back. It was HUGE! I jumped up in the air and pulled one of the crying kids behind the table. Meanwhile, Elder Palacios was turning around to see what was going on. The poor guy had his back to the door, and had only seen all of us panicking as the door opened. He shooed the pig out with a broom and after laughing for a long time we were able to teach the lesson. I had fun writing that one in my journal :) Well, we´ll see what kind of craziness follows this week. I love you guys. The Church is true. If it wasn´t, I wouldn´t spend two years of my life fleeing pigs and speaking in Spanish. It is TRUE! Have a great week!

-Elder Gomez

Monday, May 23, 2016

Late but his birthday package made it :)

This week was super crazy! We´ve been looking like crazy for a new house and we found one this week finally. It is super nice, so I´m excited. We also saw 3 baptisms in the ward this week!!! Noelia was baptized the day before her cumple quince. We have to wait on the confirmation because there is Stake Conference this week, so please pray for her. The sister missionaries had 2 baptisms. One of their converts is named Facundo, and he is awesome. He wants to serve a mission, and the same day he was confirmed he taught lesson one with us to his uncle. He has a powerful testimony. Besides the festivities, we have been blessed to have many great referrals from the members. One investigator named Mariela is progressing very quickly and wants to be baptized. She reads the scriptures 4 hours every night!!! Yesterday we met a couple new investigators as well. Pablo is the brother in law of one of the counselors in the bishopric. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him. After that lesson we taught Horacio, who is the brother in law of the Bishop. Haha, we´re teaching everyone´s brother in law. We taught with Facundo (The new convert). Horacio said that he noticed that his sister and her family are always happy and he wanted to know what it was that made them smile all of the time. We were happy to explain :) Throughout the lesson Facundo was sharing his experiences in conversion. We´ll see what happens! I also got a package from the family on Tuesday filled with love and candies. Thank you guys, I loved it :D Transfer weekend is coming up, so I´ll email on Tuesday next week. I love you!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Be Brave... open your mouth!

This week was NUTS! We´ve been in top gear looking for a new apartment because our contract ends soon with our current apartment and I don´t want to know what happens when the missionaries don´t have a place to live. Yikes! We spent good time googling and walking and calling, but we still haven´t found a suitable place. The good news is that the work of the Lord is moving forward in marvelous fashion in our ward! The sister missionaries had two baptisms last week, and our new investigator Mariela attended! We´ve only known her for a week now, and she´s already read 1st Nephi, attended two weeks to church, and gone to a baptism! We´re having a tough time keeping up with her, haha :) She´s going to be baptized on May 28th. Also, this week Noelia and Micaela are going to be baptized!!! Thank you for sending that song Aida, Noelia liked it a lot. She is pumped for her baptism. In addition, the sister missionaries have two more baptisms this weekend, so we´re looking at 7 convert baptisms within the Baigorria ward in 3 weeks. It´s all due to the Spirit that these members have! They are reaching out and helping their friends, family, and neighbors every day. The wife of the Bishop brought her brother to church this week, and he is interested in listening to the discussions! This member missionary work is amazing. Talk about the Gospel with everyone! Be brave! Show the Lord what kind of disciple you are, and he will make you into the kind of disciple that you want to be. Think about the blessings that you have due to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and imagine how it can change the life of those around you. It´s not as hard as you think. Tell people why you like going to church, why you read the Book of Mormon, or how Christ has helped your family. If you start to speak, the Spirit will talk for you. If you never open your mouth, you´ll never see how easy it really is. I love you all, adiós!
Elder Gomez

A less active member gave me this original Dragon Ball comic that is awesome! I made banana drink like dad the other day :)

This is a cute note that a little girl wrote to my companion and I, and the results of some learning in the kitchen. I made some pasta with salsa blanca and hot dogs :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Indoors too long

It was great to see all of you guys yesterday on Skype! It was the perfect way to finish off a good week. It was an interesting week because my companion was sick a lot, so we had to stay in the apartment a whole day. It just about killed me. I read Jesus the Christ for a few hours, filled the area book, studied, and paced the room all day. When I´m indoors so long I get super stir-crazy. We did well during the rest of the week. We´ve been working with two investigators named Noelia and Micaela right now, and this weekend they attended a baptism and went to church!!! Today in the evening we´re going to invite them to be baptized and share a song that Aida sent :) We also received a miracle call on Saturday night. We were about to get into bed when two Elders called us and told us that one of their members had a referral for us. We called the Brother and he told us that we would be seeing a friend of his at church in the morning. We couldn´t believe it. In the morning we went to church and sure enough, we saw Mariela Garrido walking in the church building 5 minutes early. We attended the meetings with her, and we had a super powerful lesson in Gospel Principles about the Restoration. Ever since we received a Book of Mormon reading challenge in October, I have been praying every day to know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I received my answer while sitting in Gospel Principles that it is all true! Mariela was listening attently as well. She was super interested, and the members helped her to feel welcome. A brother invited her to a baptism this Saturday and she wants to go! Noelia and Micaela also had good experiences in their young waomen and primary classes. We were so blessed! Now I´m super hyped for this week. I know that the work that witness every day is of divine origin. Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God. He is the Light and Life of the world. He lives, and He has a church that He directs personally. I know it. I love you guys. See you in December, haha! Ciaó!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Pumped up youth in Argentina!

This week was awesome! We worked our tails off trying to visit all of our investigators. It´s tough to make it to all of the appointments in this area. From one end to the other of our area is about an hour and a half of walking, and the two investigators that are progressing most live on opposite edges haha! The Lord is teaching me how to organize and plan responsibly. We had a powerful lesson this week with two investigators named Pablo and Romina. They have two little girls but are not married. Romina wants to get married and be baptized, but Pablo not so much. He has felt the Spirit and enjoys going to church, but does not have the conviction necessary to act. We had to teach a tough lesson with them, and we told them that we wanted to see them sealed in the Celestial Kingdom. They committed to a date to be married and to be baptized! 
 The highlight of the week was a stake activity on Saturday. I´m in the same stake where I began the mission, and I got to see some friends from my first area. It was special. I was happy to find out that two of the investigators that I had met have been baptized!!! I´m still pumped about that. The activity was a mini MTC. My companion and I were able to teach the youth a part of Preach My Gospel called How To Begin Teaching. We asked a few of the youth to bear testimony, and they did so with power. Three of them cried, and all of them brought a potent Spirit. One of the youth that bore testimony is a beehive from my first area. She spoke of a friend of hers that wants to be baptized, but her parents won´t allow it. She wept as she told us how bad she wanted her friend to be able to get baptized. It was a great example for me of charity. 
    Other fun things that happened this week: We found a cool looking spider and I snapped a picture, my companion and I make quesadillas every morning, and an investigator gave me a Lacoste vest! He´s so nice! I love you guys. Ciao!