Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in a different culture!

First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!!!!!!! You´re turning five today, right? Have a fun party with lots of wrestling and cake :) This week was one of the very best of the mission! It was a lot of fun to be able to celebrate Christmas in a different culture, and to learn more about the spirituality of Christmas. We got to have two huge meals with members, one on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas day. They were DELICIOUS, and it was a lot of fun to talk with the members. We´ve also been very blessed in the work of salvation this week. We have three investigators that are going to have their baptismal interview this Saturday, and the following week they´re going to get baptized!!! They already know SO much knowledge of the Gospel. Last night we took them to a district fireside with President Zanni speaking. He didn´t know they were investigators at first and looked at my companion and I funnily when we walked in. While he was talking to the youth, one of the investigators was answering more than half of the questions, and President Zanni was getting a little bugged. It was funny when a leader from our branch told President that they weren´t members, and President Zanni changed fast from annoyed to really excited. We were so happy to know that those guys really listen to us, haha :) We´re excited to see them get baptized on the 9th of January!!! I also got to speak in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and I was nervously preparing all week. But when I started the Spirit helped me out and I was able to give an understandable talk about the vision of the tree of life. This week we´re going to teach a ton of lessons to our investigators (Their names are Nicolás, Leonardo and Julián)  Love you all, Carlos

Monday, December 21, 2015

Carlos' first baptism :)

Everything´s going great here! I hear Tali got married, Christmas is coming, and I had my first baptism!!! It was a crazy, crazy, crazy day. We got to the church around 3 to start getting the font filled up for the baptisms at 7, and the water stopped coming out of all of the sinks and spigots on the whole church property. We called the Branch President, and for the next four hours we were all trying to figure out how to turn it back on. We were getting desperate, and the leaders were about to say that we couldn´t have the baptisms that day, and so we started filling up buckets, jugs, and anything else we could find to start filling the font. There were about 10 missionaries there helping, and a lot of members. We hauled and hauled and hauled water until the font was just full enough to be able to kneel down and do the baptisms, and four souls were saved. Yesterday at church the members were all really excited about missionary work, haha! It was an awesome experience to see the members and missionaries from 2 branches working so hard so that we could conquer Satan and his plan to keep those investigators from baptism. It was a true miracle. We´re also getting ready for Christmas here, and I´m SOOOOO excited!!! It´s going to be the best. The mission is giving us 300 bonus pesos (30 dollars) just to buy yummy things for Christmas! I´m going to just go nuts. Well, congrats to Tali and Jesse, I love you guys!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy :)

So this was the end of week two in my new area in Venado Tuerto. Probably the biggest thing to report is that our members are AMAZING!!! They are a branch with about 60 attendance. They are very converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Up until this area, I had received probably less than 5 referrals in my 5 months in the mission. Just in the last week and a half, we´ve gotten about 5 or 6 already! It´s the BEST! We´re teaching a few of them right now. One is a 13 year old boy named Nicolas that has already gone to church 4 or 5 times. We taught lesson one, and we´re pretty sure he´s going to be baptized in this transfer! Also, we went to church yesterday and a less active brother came and brought two new investigators!!! It was the best suprise ever! We taught them the same evening. Their names are Victor and Pamela. They are not married but live together, and have a little baby boy named Gabriel. Victor told us that he has gone to a lot of churches, but that he felt something different in ours. He told us that he could feel real love. Pamela said that she felt like she had been wearing a heavy backpack, and that she was able to take it off and rest in the chapel. I know that this is Christ´s church. They already want to be baptized as well. I´m super excited, because up until now I haven´t had a baptism and I have my very first one on Saturday!!! His name is Esteban, and he´s 12. It will be a great way to have a good time here while Tali and Jesse get married :) We have an amazing family named the Martin family, and they invited us to spend Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day with them! We´re SO blessed!!! My companion Elder Wagner is doing well. He´s learning Spanish quickly and is getting used to the mission. We´ve been having a great time. The church is true, and the Atonement works. I love you guys, ciao!

Monday, December 7, 2015

New new new!!!

This has been the first week in my new area, Centro 1 in the Venado Tuerto District. It´s also been the first week with my new trainee, Elder Wagner! (It´s pronounced Elder Vogner) It´s been SUPER crazy this week, definitely the most loco week of the mission. The new companions got here, and I got assigned to my first American companion, so it was the first time that I was the one who spoke more Spanish. I´m doing all right with the help of the Spirit in that aspect so far, and my companion took twelve years of Spanish so he understands about 60% of the things being said. That is definitely a blessing! My companion is a very intelligent person. He apparently took every math and science class his high school and the community college had before he graduated, and after his freshman year at USU he has 3/4 of an engineering degree already! It´s almost comical that I´m "training" this guy, haha. He is used to living on his own, which has been helping us out a lot lately. We are opening a new area, which means that we got here and didn´t know a soul from the area and didn´t have an area book. Also because it´s a new area we haven´t had a cell phone as of yet, and the apartment is new. It´s a really nice apartment, but because of some Catholic holiday this weekend we haven´t been able to turn on the water or the electricity yet. We´ve been going to the Zone Leaders´ apartment to shower in the mornings and to the church to go to the bathroom and drink water. This has all been a bit stressful, and you all know I´m a stressful person so the Lord has been helping me out a lot, mostly through my leaders and companion. We will be getting lights, water, and the phone on Wednesday this week, and there are sister missionaries in the other half of the area and gave us the half of their area book that is in our area. Also, the leaders here are spiritual GIANTS! One family already offered us to spend Christmas Day with them and the branch president lets us use his phone sometimes. These have all been great blessings that have helped me not explode from stress and responsibility. Elder Wagner is taking it exceptionally well and regularly says "It´s like we´re camping!" We have had a number of very powerful lessons already, and we are thinking that one less active sister that we taught is going to come back to the church!!! Lots of blessings. Get ready for Christmas and send lots of pictures. I love you guys, ciao!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 19th will be a GOOD day!

Hey family and spiritual family, things are going fantastic in Argentina! We got the info of the transfers, and I am staying in the same zone (Venado Tuerto), but I´m going to a different area. It´s brand new! There is a branch that had sisters serving, and so they divided the branch into 2 areas and I´ll be training a new missionary in the other half! I´m SO excited to get another chance to train! If you remember, the last transfer I trained too but my son had to go home and I finished the transfer in another area. I´m very grateful to be able to train again. Also, I´m excited because it´s a new area and neither my new companion nor I will know anyone. It´ll be an adventure for sure! Tomorrow I´ll meet my new companion in Rosario, so we´ll be traveling at about 4 in the morning to get there in time. Because it´s a new area we also have a new apartment, and it´s beautiful. It´s across the street from the church!!! We´ll be playing some serious futbol in exercise time! Because I´ve been moving around so much I´m pretty much homeless right now. Today was the first time that I´ve been able to empty my suit cases in about a month! It will be nice to finally settle down and be in one set area... Something else wonderful happened yesterday too! I´ve been teaching people from other areas a lot in the last bit, and during an FHE last night a 12 year old investigator name Esteban asked me to baptize him!!!!!! He´s part of an amazing family that are going to get baptized on the 19th of December. He´ll be my first baptism!!! Wow, so many things are happening lately. It´s been tough to focus on the work lately, being so busy with other things. It´s been a great chance to learn how to turn my focus outward to other people. I´m still excited to settle down in a new area though, haha. I have already started loving this branch. I love you guys, ciao!