Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, November 23, 2015

missed bus, iguanas, snakes, mud soccer :)

This week has been VERY interesting! We´ve been working a lot with the members because my companion is the Branch President, and so there hasn´t been as much time as I´d like to do regular proselyting. This last Saturday we finally got to go to another little town that is also in our area. Usually we go every Saturday, but we couldn´t when I got here the other week, so this was the first time. We woke up early in the morning to catch the bus that went to the town (named Wheelright) and it had passed ahead of schedule. Because our town is so far away from any big cities the buses only pass by every 4 hours or so, and Wheelright is about 14 kilometers away from Hughes. We were about to head back to the apartment, but we felt the Spirit say that we needed to go still. We thought about it for a while, and then started walking. We walked about 7 miles, and then a member from Wheelright picked us up. It was lots of fun to talk with Elder Anzola and just walk. It was pretty exciting too. We saw two snakes and an iguana! I didn´t know there were iguanas in Argentina, but aparently they eat them too! One of the less active members promised us he´d cook some up for us soon :) We were able to have some great lessons in Wheelright, and at lunchtime we were super tired. We were about to go back to Hughes and my companion felt that we should talk to a lady that was outside her house. We talked to her and her husband, and we felt the Spirit so strongly! We´re way excited to go back next Saturday. Today my district leader Elder Cadiz had a huge asado because he´s going to die (go home) at the end of the transfer. We ate 16 kilos of beef between 9 Elders and a few members, and then played mud soccer. It was the best! I´ll have to send those pictures next week because I had another Elder take my camera and other things back to the apartment. The little branch here is growing! I´m getting excited to see more progress here. I love you guys, ciao!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Transferred Quickly to Venado Tuerto

This has been by far the craziest week of the mission! Last Monday about 8 hours after emailing I got a call from Presidente Zanni and he said that my companion would have to go home... . Elder Gutierrez left that night, and the next morning I got emergency transfered to a different area. It´s in the Venado Tuerto zone on the other side of the mission. I took a bus for about four hours to get to the city Venado Tuerto, and another bus about an hour to Hughes, a tiny town with 6,000 people. After my first night here I had to go back to Venado Tuerto for the zone interviews with the mission president, and the next day I went back to Rosario again for visa stuff. I´ve been nauseous from traveling for about a week now, haha. Yesterday was my first full day here in Hughes. There are only about two weeks left in the transfer, so we´ll see if I´ll stay or pack up again. My companion is named Elder Anzola, and is awesome! He´s from Colombia, and has been a missionary for a little over a year. He´s the Branch President here in Hughes! There is only one missionary acting as a Branch President in the mission. Elder Anzola is a very powerful missionary. He has been a trainer, a district leader, a zone leader, and now he´s the president of a branch. Needless to say, I´m learning a TON from him. The other day we did the tithing, and on Sunday I taught gospel principles, blessed the sacrament, and spoke in sacrament meeting. There are only two more active Melchizedek Priesthood holders in the ward, so we have a lot of responsibility. Usually the Branch President here shows his companion how to do everything, and then his companion becomes the new president, but I think that because I was emergency transfered I won´t be the next one. I´ve only been a missionary 4 months, and it would be a little overwhelming to have that responsibility, but I´m going to learn everything I can in case that happens! Whew, things are pretty crazy here. I´ll be sending lots of pictures of Hughes, and my new companion Elder Anzola!!!
First pictures of their last lunch with the Vargas Family and a going away party of sorts :) 

New area... new companion! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Keep on keepin on!

If you remember Marisa from last week´s letter, she is going to be baptized on the 28h of November!!!! She´s also reading the Book of Mormon every day, and she can feel the difference. The whole ward is excited! Also, the leadership of the ward are stepping up their dedication to the Work like never before. They have been very focused and organized, and are making our job easy.... easy is relative, haha. We found 8 new investigators this week, which is outrageous for our area. The Lord is sending us lots of people. The other missionaries have 5 people with baptismal dates in November right now, and with Marisa, we´re going to see tons of baptisms here. It´s been almost 4 months without a baptism in this ward, so the members are way excited. Elder Gutierrez and I are working well together. He´s learning tons about the mission and is teaching me a LOT. We were in the villa, (the really really poor area where the houses are made of sheet metal and bricks) and we felt like we should visit an investigator from 3 months back. It turned out that his son was there, and he knows the Bible more than anyone I´ve ever met. He quoted the Bible about 20 times in an hour. Whew, we have our work cut out for us with him. Also, we taught a teenage boy named Alexis, and later that night he went to the hospital due to drugs. We´re going to pass by today and see if we can help him out. We´re seeing miracles here! Keep on keepin on. I love you guys, chao!
I also bought a soccer ball, which is a very important step in the development of a missionary in Argentina.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Feliz Quince this week

Things are going great! A member in the young womens named Rocio had her feliz quince, and so we helped set up before, and then served the food for the ward members. It was great to see them all together and happy! Rocio and her mom Marisa have had a really tough life together, and there are big problems with her dad that make things really dificult. We had a lesson with the two of them yesterday, and it was really powerful!!! All four of us missionaries went, and we could see the change that their family is going through. They used to never get along well, but Marisa has been trying really hard to help Rocio and they´re starting to become friends. We gave them the challenge to read the Book of Mormon together every night, and we are going to read with them 3 times a week. We think Marisa is going to be baptized!!!!! I´m freaking out at this point from excitement! When I got to the mission in Arroyito (My only area so far) we only had one investigator, and it was Marisa. She´s been an investigator for about a year! We think that she is finally going to be willing to humble herself and change. When we were visiting the Vargas family, who are really close friends with Rocio and Marisa, one of their sons asked me "Can you imagine what would happen if Marisa got baptized?" He is Rocio´s boyfriend, and has helped us out with a ton of lessons with them. I felt so much of Christ´s love for them in that moment. I feel like Alma the younger, when he desired with all of his heart that the Lamanites would be converted and be happy. I can´t stop thinking about it! Well, I´ll tell you all how it goes this week. We also lots of success contacting! We´ll be teaching lots of lessons. I love you all, adiĆ³s!