Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, October 26, 2015

stick close to the basics

Hello! Things are going great here. I just finished the first week with my greenie companion. He´s great! He teaches really well and with the Spirit! I´m excited to learn from him. He is really obedient too, which of course helps me to always be obedient. We´re really excited because we visited an investigator that had not been progressing before Elder Gutierrez came, and now she is really interested! Her name is Graciela. Also, one recent convert name Rocio just got out of the hospital, and her mom is an investigator that hasn´t progressed much in a long time. When her daughter was in the hospital a lot of members visited, and us missionaries went and gave her daughter a blessing. She messaged us and wants us to come by!!! We´re REALLY excited and we think she´s finally going to be baptized!!!!!! There were the presidential elections in Argentina yesterday, so we had to stay indoors because it was dangerous. We looked through a lot of old teaching records and found a ton of people to go out and contact! We´re really excited to find more people to teach! Training a new missionary is teaching me a lot about patience and sticking close to the basics. I´m trying to be a good example for my new son! I love you, have a great week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From greenie to trainer

HOLY COW!!! The transfers were yesterday and my training ended!!! I stayed here in Arroyito for this next transfer, but my companion Elder Jimenez left to another area to be district leader. It was really hard to say goodbye. My new companion is actually not here yet and will come tomorrow because he´s new. I´m going to TRAIN!!! I´m a freaking out just a bit. My training ended yesterday and all of the sudden I´m going to be training a greenie. I´m terrified. The good news is that Elder Ibarra (from Chile) stayed in the neighboring area, and still lives in the same apartment as us. His new companion is also the new district leader and is named Elder Wheaton. He is from Florida and has been out in the mission 11 months. Elder Jimenez and I spent the last week visiting all of the members to say good bye. One Brother Diliberto gave us cool pens and key chains! He´s great. I´m technically not supposed to know who I´m going to train until tomorrow in a special meeting when the new missionaries find out their trainers, but I looked on the missionary portal page and saw that it has my companion´s name: Elder Saul Gutierrez. I think that means he speaks Spanish, haha. I´m really relieved because I was scared to be the only one that spoke any Spanish. I know enough to understand and communicate with the investigators, but it´s really tough sometimes. There are stilll moments in the lessons when I ask a question, they respond, and I don´t understand. Haha well I´m really excited and nervous for this responsability, but I know that the Lord will help me. The prophet Moses didn´t speak very well either, but the Lord blessed him with strength and the help of Aaron. I´m going to put my trust in God and do my very best. I love you guys, and I´ll send pictures of my new companion next week!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Corazon Alma Mente Fuerza

Things are going well in Argentina!!! We´ve been talking with tons of people lately. We´ve been finding a lot lately because we only have about 5 investigators and they aren´t progressing very much at the moment. Our ward includes two sets of missionaries and in our side of the ward boundaries there are only about 5 families that are active, so we´ve visited everyone lots of times haha. We have been talking to EVERYONE and we´ve been finding some great contacts! We recently met a man that has a fruit and vegetable shop near the church. He is way funny and has a wife and son about my age. He doesn´t believe in God, but we became friends really quick. He´s going to get us cilantro!!! We´re way excited because my companion (who´s Mexican) and I want some Mexican food pretty desperately :) So we´re going to talk to them a lot more! His name is Guillermo too, which is awesome. This week I am finishing my training, and I´m finishing my 12th week in the mission. Crazy!!! My trainer has already been in this area 4 1/2 months, so he´s probably going to leave. It will be tough. I´ve been trying like crazy to prepare myself because after training I could be called to any position in the mission. Although it´s not likely, I do NOT want to be unprepared. We keep on learning that the Lord works through the weak and that freaks me out, because that means me haha! Well there isn´t much more news than that, other than that the Gospel is restored! Adiós!

Monday, October 5, 2015


This week was great, but the best part was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! It was awesome! We received so much insight and revelation it was just ridiculous. I have re-determined to become a better person. My favorite talk was the first one, on Saturday morning by President Uchtdorf. I probably didn´t spell that right, but the talk was still really good haha :) He spoke about simplifying our experience in the Church, and in life. It helped me a lot with missionary work, because we have a whole lot to do, a whole lot that we shouldn´t do, and not a lot of time to do/not do it! Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed thinking about the problems of church members, investigators, or my own incompetence. It was great to slow down and remember what the Gospel is really about- Jesus Christ. Something that helped me a lot, and that I recommend, was to make a list of things that really matter to me. I got done, and said to myself: Great. Now what are you going to do about it? I thought hard, and sincerely didn´t know. So I decided to make a list of things that really matter for me to DO. This list was even more interesting than the first, and it was surprisingly short. I was feeling good about my lists, but my mind was going crazy trying to think of specific ways to do what I had written. I got flustered again. I decided to make a third list called: Things that really matter for me to THINK about. This list was also short. I won´t write all of the items here, but I will say that a few of them were the Atonement, my Father in Heaven, and my purpose. This list helped me the most. I realized that even though we have a million things to do, think, and worry about, there are really not that many things that truly matter. Like President Uchtdorf taught us, the teachings of Jesus Christ are not complicated. I add my testimony to that of President Uchtdorf that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that it will bring happiness to our lives if we focus on the simplicity of it. At the center of it all is Charity. I love you guys, have a great week!

P.S.  It´s my companion´s birthday today, so I took him to a really nice breakfast café and we took some fun pictures there and by the river :)