Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, September 28, 2015

three chairs

This week was one of the best weeks so far of my mission! On Tuesday
we had the first Zone Conference so far in my mission, and it was
awesome. We heard from lots of different missionaries and the Spirit
was incredible. One of the best talks was given by Elder Brock, one of
the assistants. He spoke about how to present the message of the
Restoration in a way that will help the investigators understand
better, and at the end he bore a very simple and very powerful
testimony. He bore testimony that God loves us, and that Jesus Christ
lives. I thought it was amazing how strong the Spirit was for those
short 5 or 10 seconds. It´s moments like those that build my testimony
more than anything else, and I´m blessed with that feeling a whole lot
on the mission :) My favorite part of the conference was when
Presidente Zanni spoke. He taught and testified with the power of God,
and I know that he is called by divine power. We were sitting in a big
horseshoe shape with him in the middle, and at one point he walked up
to one of the missionaries and prophesied that he will never go
inactive in his life. It was a powerful moment. The most spiritual
moment of the conference for me was when Presidente Zanni spoke about
the temple. He told us: "There was a time on my mission when I was
having a hard time, and I went to a Zone Conference. My Mission
President told me something that motivated me for the rest of my
mission. He said that in the Salt Lake Temple in the room where the
Apostles and First Presidency meet there are three chairs in the
center that nobody uses..." When President Zanni told us this story he
put three chairs in the middle of the room, and we all sat quietly for
a bit and pondered. The Spirit witnessed to me of the divinity of God
the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. It also witnessed of the
Prophets, and now I am extremely pumped for Conference!!! I know that
God directs this church, and that when the Apostles say that they know
Christ lives, they bear a special witness. Have a great week!

Message from Carlos' companion Oscar Jimenez :)

Pido disculpas por escribir en Español pero mi ingles no es bueno. 
Estoy escribiendo para agradecer y felicitar a usted y a su familia por la manera en que cría a sus hijos.
El poder tener a Elder Gomez como mi compañero ha sido muy especial. El es un excelente hombre. he aprendido tanto de la manera en la que él trabaja y los ánimos que tiene por la obra de nuestro Padre. 
Sé que eso no pudo haber sido posible sin el respaldo de ustedes sus Padres. 
Elder Gomez me ha enseñado el valor de ser valiente y alegre a través de todas las dificultades de la vida, me ha enseñado a que siempre hay un motivo por el cual sonreír; He podido aprender de ideas grandiosas que él tiene para que trabajemos en nuestra área y sé que no pudo ser posible si no tuviera un ejemplo que seguir.  
Elder Gomez mas que mi compañero se ha convertido en mi amigo y tenemos una excelente comunicación; siendo sinceros no siempre el tiempo que tenemos es felicidad sin embargo hemos aprendido que la humildad, la caridad, el servicio son la cura para cualquier momento difícil. 
Tal vez no les conozca personalmente pero conozco el corazón que tienen por medio de mi compañero. Gracias por haber educado a Elder Gomez de esa manera, de no haber sido así no hubiera venido a la misión y yo no hubiera aprendido lo que tenia que aprender de él.
Sé que esta es la obra de un ser divino, es guiada por Él y la divinidad de esta obra, supera cualquier barrera terrenal. Sé que Dios vive y su hijo Jesucristo también. 
Saludos a toda la familia.Con cariño.
Elder Jiménez 

Monday, September 21, 2015

High hopes :)

Levi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY!!!!! Wow, 14I That´s crazy! I love you man, have a great day on the 25th :) Things are all going great in Argentina! Our ward is progressing a lot lately. Our goal for attendance in sacrament meeting for this month is to hit 70. We got 67 last week, so we only need three more to reach the goal for next week! We´re really excited. Our ward has been struggling a bit. We had a lesson with our investigator Emanuel on Saturday, and we felt the Spirit very strongly. He´s going to be baptized on the 10th of October. The lesson was awesome, and he is going to be a great leader in the church. After our lesson he went to mutual and the leaders had a fight during the activity. He has already been struggling with the idea of attending our ward, and it pushed him over the edge. He will still be baptized, but I believe he will be attending another ward. It was pretty tough to see that happen. We have been trying to help the members every day, but the progress is slow. Today in companionship study we read Jacob 5, with the allegory of the vineyard. We feel a lot like the servants that have been working every day and keep seeing bad fruit. We know that the members here are very faithful, and we have learned so much from them, but they still are having issues with gossip and taking offense. There have been more members in church every week, however, and we have high hopes! We're doing everything we can to be diligent servants in the vineyard of the Arroyito ward. The mission has not had zone conferences in the past, but they are starting again! The first one is on Tuesday of this week, and I'm pumped. Also, all of the missionaries must write a 5 minute talk in a language other than their native language. All of us American greenies are having a great time watching our trainers try to write in English, haha. We were also directed not to translate for them, so you can imagine the troubles they´re having. I may need to repent for this, but I think it´s the sweetest form of justice I've seen yet on the mission. Haha just kidding, but it is pretty entertaining. Well I need to get going to buy some shampoo and ice cream, I love you guys!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hunker down and make tortillas for safety :)

This week was just great. It was awesome! We got Elder Ibarra on Wednesday, and he is a great missionary! He´s only been here for 5 days and he´s taught me so much. We had lots of lessons this week. We´re on track to have 3 baptisms in our ward on the 26th of September! We´re all way excited.
Saturday was a rough day for us. It didn´t look like any of our investigators were going to make it to church. When dinner time was close we decided to fast for the investigators, because none of them had gone to church for 3 weeks. All four of us missionaries in the ward were really dissapointed. So we fasted. After we said our prayer to begin, things started to fall into place. We had a lesson with a lady named Liliana at 8. She is inactive and we´ve been teaching her twice a week or so for the last 7 weeks, trying to get her to church to take the sacrament. She went yesterday!
Also, two investigators from our side of the ward and two more from the other went as well! It was awesome, and we had the highest attendance that I´ve seen in our ward! The power of fasting is real.

Also while we were at church the sisters of the ward demanded our calendars with all of our lunch appointments, and are making sure that we have food every day! It was a miracle day yesterday. We also received a message from the Zone Leaders saying that there were going to be 3 classic rivalry soccer matches in Rosario on one day, Sunday. The stadium is in our area, and during games it is extremely dangerous. They told us we wouldn´t be allowed to leave the apartment on Sunday...(except to go to church). It was a good day, haha. We took a three hour nap, and watched the Testaments. We also made TORTILLAS! It was a miracle. I have missed Mexican food really badly, and they came out just like the ones we make as a family! Also, today the district is going to have a barbecue and play soccer, so I am way excited. The minute I got to Argentina I got an inexplicable urge to play soccer... It´s kind of creepy, but I´m going with the flow and I love it now haha! We have seen many miracles this week and I´ve felt the Spirit the most strongly of any week so far in the mission. I know that this is the true message. My faith has grown every day. I love you guys!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hooray for cleaning day!

Hello! I´ve been doing awesome in Argentina, especially because the transfers came and my companion and I are staying here in Arroyito!! We´re excited because we have a lot of more work to do. We got two new investigators this week, and they are both progressing. Our investigator Emanuel is going to be baptized on the 26th of September, and another investigator Graciela has promised to read the Book of Mormon! We are way excited for our ward. Elder Jimenez and I have started to focus on the less actives in the ward and we are going down the list of members to visit them all again! We had an attendance of 49 in sacrament meeting on Sunday and our goal is 70 by the end of September. We have a long way to go! Our new convert Jonaton accepted the call to serve a mini mission in our zone, and we are excited for him to get a taste for the mission because he is planning on serving in a year. I can talk to pretty much anyone nowadays, and that is a real blessing. I am far from fluent, but through the Holy Ghost I have received a lot of help with the language. We have a small issue because all of the members in our ward live in the proselyting area of the other missionaries in the ward, and so if our appointments fall through we have to visit the same people pretty often. We are doing all we can to gain more investigators and fill up our planners! A new convert, Rocio Navareta, has been having a lot of difficulties lately. Her mother has been investigating the church for months and is not progressing, and the two of them have been having issues. We are praying hard for them. We had a cleaning day which was awesome, because none of the missionaries before us cleaned. I have a picture of the grease on the kitchen walls here. We made a smiley face in it with steel wool, haha. Also, with the transfers I got a new District Leader named Elder Puerta. He´s in the picture and he´s from Brazil. Elder Angus, the other missionary that lives with us, is going to receive a brand new missionary to train tomorrow. We´re pumped!!! I realized that I´m not the newest anymore and it was sad. I love you guys! I will continue to pray for Josh Hinton. Adios!