Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Elder Carlos Samuel Gomez

Monday, August 31, 2015

another week for Carlos in Argentina

This week was crazy! Transfers are coming next Monday, so I will email again on Tuesday. I don´t know if my companion or I are getting transferred, but an office elder told my companion that he was probably leaving.... We´re freaking out a bit, haha. I don´t want him to leave, but if the Lord needs him somewhere else then that´s more important! 
On Friday we talked with the Bishop a bit about the problems that the members have with him, and he was really humble about it and explained lots of things that are going to help the ward a LOT. We are planning to have a missionary activity this week. We´re going to watch the movie of the Restoration, and we feel believe it will help our investigators take the step of baptism! We have been finding people a lot, but they are all either Catholic or Evangelistas, and so they have issues changing. 
One young man named Lucas stopped us on the street (which never happens) and told us he has guilt that we wants to get rid of and that he wants to change his life! It was awesome. We haven´t been able to contact him after because he wasn´t home in the last couple of days, but we´re looking forward to when we find him again! Elder Jimenez and I have been having a tough couple of days since he found out he might go, and we´ve been a lot more charitable because we don´t want him to leave haha. 
The last few days were also hard because we went to visit a family and it was bad. They have been inactive for years, and because the brother got a new job, they´re going to be able to start attending Sacrament Meeting. But we went to visit and teach them and and saw them drinking. They hid the beer and thought we didn´t see, and then went on to talk about how we all need to keep our covenants... It was pretty hard to listen to that. We have some work to do, haha. We´ve been working with the ward leaders a lot to try to get the attendance up, and we got some help yesterday in the area conference for South America South. We heard from Elder Cook and Elder Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve, and it was awesome! We took some serious notes :) It´s awful to hear that about Josh! Please let me know how he´s doing, and we´ll keep him in our prayers!! I love you guys, Adios!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Miracles are real...

We´ve had a great week filled with lots of fun, lots of miracles, lots of teasing, lots of stress, and lots of spirit! So normal I guess, haha. The new member of our trio came. His name is Elder Sanchez from Chicago. He likes to tease and have fun, and I can actually understand his jokes because sometimes they´re in English, haha. The language is improving like always. I´m learning to say a lot more things, but I need more work on understanding what the investigators are saying. The Spirit helps a lot! Some of the miracles this week have been really prominent. The other day I got a really bad stress headache that lasted for about 4 hours  and 800 milligrams of ibuprofen, which by the way I don´t recommend haha. It was happening again a few days after, and I took a couple of ibuprofen again and then got on my knees to pray. I asked the Lord to help me and promised I would be as obedient as I could, and then laid down. I got the prompting to blow my nose for some reason, and I obeyed. Immediately, the pain left me and I felt peace. We were watching the movie The Testaments during lunch and it was at the end when Christ healed Jacob´s father from his blindness. I feel that the Savior did the same to me, and I will remember it as a true miracle. I believe it was that night when we were setting goals for the next day that I felt we needed to try to find 5 new investigators that day. We had never had that many before,  but we set out to do it. We ended up finding five new investigators and 2 other future investigators. One of these is a very poor lady who lives in the villa, or really really poor part of the city. We found her searching a dumpster for food. When we went to teach her, her and her husband were really excited to learn more. At the end of the lesson they told us that they had saved up for a long time and just bought a table for their house. They didn´t even have a table to eat on. We gave them a Book of Mormon and the sister, Matilde, told us that she can´t read. Her husband said he could read very little, and that they would try to read it and receive an answer. When Hermana Matilde offered the closing prayer she cried and thanked the Lord for bringing us to them. I felt the Love of God for her and her family. Another miracle occured during planning again when we randomly decided to visit the familia Raffagnini. We tried two days in a row and they were busy, and then the third day they let us in. It turns out that Hermana Raffagnini has a five year old nephew that was hit by a car and passed away last week. We had also received the impression to teach them about overcoming trials from a talk in a old Liahona that we had never used. We felt the spirit that night in their home, and by the end of the lesson they were happily chatting and we all felt a Spirit of peace. I know that the Lord touches the hearts of his children. We are planning on teaching the parents of the little boy soon. We also enjoyed some ice cream this week :) I love you guys, adiĆ³s!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Taught gospel doctrine in Spanish

This week was nuts! Because we lost Elder Romney we were a trio and our baptismal goals for this month got combined with the other area in Arroyito. Elder Angus joined us and we´ve been visiting people like crazy. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we set baptismal dates!!! We´ve been having more success than we deserve, haha! Our combined goal for baptisms this month is 5, but because most of the investigators didn´t go to church yesterday we´ll probably only get one or two more... We´re still going to try to meet our goal though :) We´ll still baptize those others though, even if it has to be next month. Another main event is that we´re moving to a different apartment on Thursday and it´ll be great! Tomorrow Elder Angus´ new companion is coming as well, so that´ll be really exciting. Also, yestderday we had an asado with the Vargas family! They are just great. They wash our clothes, and feed us all the time. Hermana Vargas wants us to set an example for her teenage sons to go on missions, so she always helps us out with anything we need, and it´s great! They even gave us little paper bags that look like a shirt with a tie and name tag, and they were filled with candy. We couldn´t believe their charity when they fed us the best food in Argentina and then gave us those as well. There is also another family named Raffagnini that help us out a lot, and we´ve had choripan with them twice now. Choripan.... it makes me emotional :) Also, hermano Raffagnini is a mechanic like you Dad! he has a huge shop with lots of big tools that remind me of our back yard, you, and your old shop in Mexico! I´m going to take a picture and try to send it to you next week. Also of the Vargas family :) The one investigator that was at church was Matias. He´s just awesome! He´s now gone to church twice and is scheduled to be baptized on the 29th of this month!!! We also found a family named La familia Pelegri. The son, Angel, is about 40 years old and is a member. His father Carlos and his nephew Nicolas are investigators. Carlos has been an investigator for years, and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He´s always been scared to make the decision to be baptized, but he told us he will on the 29th!!! We hope it works out. Also, we had never met Nicolas, but he´s been reading the Book of Mormon and says he knows it´s true! He´s in Helaman I believe, and we´re planning on setting a baptismal date for him in the next month. We were really blessed this week. Well, the mission is awesome! Spanish is getting easier. I tought Gospel Doctrine yesterday and I think they understood, haha. I love you guys a lot! Congrats Dallin, and good luck in Dental School! Also good job to Naomi, who made varsity tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Learning to lead music 1,2,3 and wash clothes by hand :)

Well this week was just as crazy as last week, believe it or not! Elder Angus got super sick this week and it was pretty rough, because him and his companion had to stay in the pension for a couple of days. We went and visited some people on their side for them, and it was really fun! The sacrament attendance dropped again, so we need to help out some of the inactive families. The attendance was 48 last week, and this week we only had 29... it was pretty rough. Also the pianist wasn´t there and I was asked to lead the music. In the states we just start singing, but apparently down here we count to 3 and then start singing together. I also didn´t know the hymns in Spanish, so when I started singing no one else did! (Except my companion :) ) It was really bad. I tried again and still nobody sang, and so we had the most awkward silence this world has ever seen. Then the Bishop told me to count to 3, and I managed to get started again. It was a humbling experience, haha! The funniest part was that right after we sang we had a talk given on pride! It was pretty funny. But yesterday was awesome for two big reasons as well. Our new investigator Matias came with his son and said he had a great time! We are going to meet with him on Tuesday and if the Spirit says so we´ll ask him to be baptized. OH YEAH! Also, there is a 16 year old boy named Javier that lives in the area of the missionaries in our apartment, and his brother and sister were just baptized 4 months ago there. He likes to Bible Bash, and it´s a little hard to teach him. We also had a baptism yesterday in the other area!!! His name is Jonatan, and he is awesome. He also has a lot of friends. There were more people at his baptism than were at church..... shame. Haha but apparently there were four families sick and it was raining ridiculously hard, so that probably didn´t help much. We have lots of work to do though. There was also something sad this week. One of the elders had a few things that he didn´t take care of before the mission, so he´ll have to go home today. We´ll have a trio for a while, and maybe get a mini missionary or maybe not. We found out I think on Wednesday, so we´ve had a lot of good talks with him. When he went to the mission home to talk to the President, I actually went with him because Elder Angus was too sick to go. I think that it was inspired, because after his interview we talked a lot and I bet it was nice for him to speak English. He will be able to come back in either 6 months or a year, we don´t know yet. But we love him a lot and we´re really going to miss him. It is a big testimony builder for obedience. On the mission we need to keep the rules with exactness in order to bring miracles. The other day my companion and I reached all but one of our daily goals, and it was awesome! I think that the difference was that we made sure to leave each house with a lesson of sorts, and gave our best effort to feel what the families needed. I´m getting more used to missionary life and it´s getting better and better! I´m learning lots of Spanish, but I definitely have miles to go. I made a few study plans today to help me learn the language. I also learned how to wash clothes by hand, and they got drenched in the rain when they were almost dry. This morning was cold with wet clothes, haha. The church is true, miracles are real, the priesthood is real, and God loves you. Ciao! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Adjusting to a new life... And pictures!!!

Whew, I have no idea where to start! I am in my first area, Arroyito, and everything has changed. My companion´s name is Elder Jimenez, and he is PERFECT! He is the only other Mexicano that was in the group of trainers and new missionaries. My area is named Arroyito, and it is in the northern part of the city of Rosario. There are two other missionaries living with us in our apartment, and they are also in Arroyito. It was just split into two areas when we arrived. My companion and I got the side with no investigators, haha :P But after the first 5 days we have 10 new ones! The other missionaries are named Elder Angus and Elder Romney. Elder Romney is from The States, and Elder Angus is from Peru. We have lots of fun! We have felt the Spirit so strongly here. Our area is one ward, and we hear that the Bishop offended everyone. In one week before I got here the attendance in church went from 75 to about 30. There is lots of work to do with less active families. Some of them have told us that they won´t go while he´s Bishop. It´s really sad. Yesterday we had a lesson and challenged an investigator named Marisa to be baptized. The Spirit was so strong and we were sure she would say yes, but she declined. It was pretty hard to take. Our mission has a goal of 80 baptisms for this month, and the personal goal of my companion and I is 3. It is going to be hard, but we know that we can do it. The Bishop said that there has been one baptism in the whole area of Arroyito in the last two years. By the end of Agosto, there will be five more! Our apartment was meant for two missionaries and so it´s really small, and so we´re looking for a bigger one. Also, I tried to make spaghetti yesterday. With the limited ingredients it was a little difficult, haha. The members here are really good about feeding us. I´ve had some flipping delicious food! Lots of pasta, and on Saturday we got the famed choripan. Holy smokes, it was legend! We have an appointment for the fabled asado on Saturday. But more importantly, we have lots of lessons planned for this week because of our new investigators. Something sad happened yesterday, we had met a wonderful family and  we couldn´t find their address! We even tried looking in the yellow phone book but we only had their first names and you can´t really search for first names in a phone book haha. But we trust that we will find them. The language is going well! The accent down here is beautiful, but also ridiculously hard to understand. Our mission leader speaks like he has the worst case of laryngitis ever, and so he´s pretty tough to understand. But he´s also a chef, so it´s alright :) He actually has gone a little inactive lately, and that could prove to be an issue haha. Sacrament meeting was the BEST! It was fast and testimony meeting, and so we were spared from the usual talks that the new missionaries give. Blessings of the Spirit! Haha, just kidding. We all bore testimony though, and it was awesome! By the way, the attendance was 48. Way better than the 30 from the week before! Our goal is  60 for next week. I´ve been loving it! It has definitely been dificult though. I´ve been reading the Adjusting to Missionary Life book a lot for guidance, and I´m confident that I´m just adjusting and it will be fine. I love you guys a lot, and hopefully I´ll stop missing you so much soon, haha. Ciao!

P.S. Could you send a list of some of the cheapest, easiest, healthiest recipes you have? It looks like I´m the most experienced cook in the apartment, so you can probably imagine. I made spaghetti yesterday though :) The main trouble is that we have very limited space, equipment, and ingredients.

Pictures from MTC....